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Healthy Mushroom Soup Mix for You

Do you want to make a restaurant-style soup at home? Try I Say Organic’s Mushroom Soup Mix which is made with hand-picked mushrooms and good quality spices. It has a very good aroma and a good consistency due to its optimum balance of natural appetising flavours. Contains no added preservatives and is made entirely of genuine vegetables.

Our Mushroom Soup is a delicious, healthy quick-fix for a grumbling tummy! It has natural flavour because of using fresh mushrooms, spices and as always, we dont so any unhealthy ingredients. Potatoes are used for binding the soup. There is no use of artificial starch or dairy!

How To Make: Mix 1 1/2 tbsp with 1 cup of water. Continuously stir the mixture on medium flame for 5 minutes, or till the soup boils. Leave it for few seconds before serving.

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Benefits Of Having Mushroom Soup 

The following benefits can be attributed to the consumption of mushroom soup :

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients 

Mushrooms are a rich source of essential nutrients including Vitamin B12. Furthermore, they are also rife with zinc, phosphorus, potassium, copper etc. (1

It Tastes Heavenly 

The I Say Organic mushroom soup mix will enable you to prepare this lip smacking soup in no time. It’s easy to make and perfect for cold winter evenings. You can also prepare it for your guests and serve it hot with breadsticks. 

They Can Effectively Satiate Your Hunger Pangs 

Mushroom soup is thick and creamy and hence the experience of having mushroom soup is quite satisfying. In addition to having it as an appetiser, you can also have mushroom soup in the evening or in the afternoon when you fancy yourself a quick snack. 

Get the best mushroom soup mix online at your doorstep from I Say Organic.


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