Organic Red Rice

Organic Red Rice

Certified organic

Poha is synonymous with "Indian breakfast", in multiple parts of the country! The flattened rice is said to be beneficial because it contains gut bacteria which helps in digestion. The Red poha is made of flattened Red Rice. Unlike white rice, it doesn't undergo excessive processing, which keeps the bran layer intact. This layer is rich in Fiber, VitaminB and multiple essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, manganese & magnesium. Red rice is also enriched with antioxidants. How to prep: Its almost similar to prepping the white rice poha. As the red rice is slightly coarser, you may have to soak it a bit more - for atleast 20 minutes. Let it soften. And its ready to be stir fried with your favourite veggies and choice of ingredients :)

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