Organic Desi Khand (khandsari)

Desi Khand
Certified organic
A natural and unrefined form of sugar is desi Khand. Organic desi khand is made by evaporating sugarcane syrup, that's it! Our Khandsari comes in powdered form and blends well with sherbets, shikanji, tea, and coffee. If you like sweet things, Khandsari is a completely chemical-free and healthy replacement for white sugar.

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Customer Reviews

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Tina Basu
very good option if you want to leave sugar

If you want to cut down sugar yet maintain the sweetness in your food and beverage then this is a good product. Very good quality.

Raji Sathish
Tastes amazing

If you are one of the tea lover and wants to enjoy guilt free tasty tea then you have to choose desi Khand in I say organic. What taste and originality. Thank you soo much team for the wonderful work

Tarun Paliwal
Not good..contains moisture

It was moist desi khand..i don't know why it is..what we purchased from market doesn't contain moisture

healthy desi khand

I bought desi khand online for the first time from here ..Amazing taste and quality..Its healthy too..

Variety and smell of Khand seems similar to the one we used to have in childhood. बचपन याद दिलाती है

This khand tastes good and smells good. However, I've purchased only once.
खाण्ड का सवाद और गन्ध अच्छे हैं। वैसे मैंने एक ही बार खरीदी है।
I am telling this because there are times when you don't get a good product on all your purchases. When I purchased masur dal second time from I Say Organic, the quality seemed inferior. I also bought moong dal with chhilka and sabut moong, the saboot moongs were far better than dal. Actually the dal was not giving the smell of dal itself. When I chewed it raw, the taste was dull and fade. Sabut moongs were also not satisfactorily good. Some very old and stale grains were mixed with the good ones. The good ones were very good and the bad ones were bad. It was clearly noticeable. Though the amount of bad grains was small.
Now coming to the khand, it feels fresh.