Why I Say Organic

We are committed to serving the purest, most natural form of food available to us. Constantly innovating and working towards a world free of chemicals, we pride ourselves on delivering to you, only what is worthy of being served at your home. We conduct frequent lab tests and audits to ensure we are living up to our promise! In turn, our farmers trust us with their produce and we trust you to make the right choice.

Our Products


When produce is grown in the best-suited topography, there is no need for additives. It’s naturally meant to grow there. This not only yields the best quality products but is also more economical for our farmers! It’s beautiful. It’s sustainable :)
Our quality assurance starts even before we meet the farmer. It starts from the healthiest habitat for the product. For example, in India, an Apple starts growing from as low as 4000 ft and goes up till 10000 ft. But the best quality of fruit is developed above 7,000 ft with the right amounts of sunlight, chill hours and temperature. Kinnaur offers the ideal conditions, and that’s where we source our Apples from! For the same reason, fruits like Sweet Lime and Pomegranate are sourced from Maharashtra, millets like Bajra and Foxtail Millet from Uttarakhand, various spices from Kerala, etc.
We started with just a few farmers and products. Today we offer 300+ products sourced from 13 different states!



  • After choosing the ideal location, we scout the best farmers!

First, we shortlist some farmers, then our team visits their farms. We check their water source (it’s one of the most important elements!), soil quality, cropping patterns, input and manure preparations - and most imp