Organic Premium Whole Wheat Atta (Flour)

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A local variety sourced from Sikar, Rajasthan - our grains are 100% Premium Whole Wheat! 100% whole grains are a key element of any nutritious diet. Whole Wheat comes with essential energy (good carbs) to keep you active all for a workday and has a healthy dose of fiber and iron. Grind up the grains at home to get high-quality whole wheat flour that will help you make light, fluffy rotis and delicious baked goods.

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Customer Reviews

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Ajay A.
Tasty and healthy

Very good Organic Whole Wheat Atta (Flour). Tasty and nutritious. It is expensive, but we use it for making special items like puris (with aloo curry) and parathas. One feels the goodness of organic whole wheat atta while eating items prepared with it.

Vinu Saini
Very good quality

When you cook chapatis made with this atta, the sweet aroma instantly takes me back to my childhood when I would sit next to my dadi while she cooked on the "chullah" .
The same aroma, and taste.

Amar Srivastava

It was good.


The best way to boost your overall health and immunity is to watch what you eat! A staple Indian diet relies heavily on the use of wheat powder for chapatis, paranthas, etc. When you purchase organic whole wheat online from I Say Organic, you aren't just blessing your taste buds, but also fortifying your dietary regime with all the necessary nutrients. 

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At I Say Organic, we are strongly committed to getting the best quality food from the farm to your plate. Hence, we source the most nutritious and sustainably produced whole wheat grains from Sikar, Rajasthan. 

To us, the optimum choice of raw materials is essential for making all the difference in your food and consequently your health. 


We, at I Say Organic, are committed to producing and delivering organic whole grain wheat flour that is made without the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides and harsh fertilizers. We use the best and most standardized organic farming practices by collaborating with organic farms throughout the country. Organic atta made without the use of pesticides means pure and healthy wheat flour online that does not cause harm to the water bodies or to our health.


Our organic wheat flour is made from high-quality organic whole wheat grains that are specially sourced from the best of fields. 


The benefits of our whole grain wheat flour include:

  • It Is A Good Source Of Energy 

Whole grain atta is an excellent source of carbohydrates (1) and hence it can keep you energetic throughout the day. In addition to that, whole grain wheat flour is also endowed with the goodness of Vitamin B, Iron, magnesium, and various other essential nutrients. 

  • It Can Be Beneficial For Your Digestive Health 

Whole grain wheat flour has impressive amounts of fibre that can work wonders for your digestive health. (2) Moderate amounts of consumption can also be helpful in weight management. 

  • It Is A Versatile Ingredient

Organic wheat flour can be used for cooking and baking yummy dishes. From rotis to cakes and brownies, you can use wheat flour for diverse culinary creations. 

  • Improves Metabolism

Organic atta flour contains a high level of vitamins that help boost the metabolism processes within your body. It helps you absorb more energy from your food intake and helps you gain more ATP.

  • Regulates blood sugar level 

Whole grain wheat flour has a lesser glycemic index than regular wheat flour, which is why this wheat flour online from I Say Organic prevents your blood sugar from spiking.

How To Store Organic Wheat Flour For A Longer Period Of Time

  • If you want to store Indian wheat flour in your home for around 10-12 months, you can keep it in an airtight container or mason jar and it will remain fresh. 
  • Make sure to keep it protected from bugs and other insects by sealing it tight.
  • If you can vacuum seal your container, your organic wheat flour can even last for 2 years.
  • Store it in a cool and dark place to increase its shelf life.

Buy Organic Wheat Flour Online From I SAY ORGANIC

I Say Organic has organic atta flour that is procured from an organic farm that follows the standard organic farming process. This is made without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which helps improve its nutritive value and hence is better for your health. It is also a more sustainable option because pesticides cause a lot of harm to the environment including soil and water bodies, which we can avoid if you buy wheat grain online in India from I Say Organic. 


I Say Organic is an online portal that pivots around the idea of empowering people to make conscious and organic food choices. We also extend our support to the farmers who engage in sustainable agriculture so that they can keep at it! 


In addition to whole wheat flour, you can also check out our organic jowar atta, organic buckwheat flour, organic gram flour, etc.  


  1. What makes Organic Whole Wheat Atta different from regular whole wheat flour?

We source the highest quality of whole wheat grains from Rajasthan to impart exceptional quality and nutritional value to our organic atta. 

  1. How can organic wheat atta benefit my health?

When you buy whole wheat atta online from us, you can significantly elevate the appeal of your dietary regime as this whole wheat flour is a stellar source of carbohydrates and is endowed with many nutrients as well.

  1. Can I use Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour (Atta) for baking?

Yes absolutely. You can use whole grain atta for baking. 

  1. How do I store Organic Whole Wheat Atta?

You should store the organic whole wheat flour in an airtight container. The container should be kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 

  1. Does the Organic Whole Wheat Atta contain any additives?

No. Our organic atta doesn't contain any additives. 

  1. Is organic atta flour gluten-free?

Wheat flour is not gluten-free, but it has a low glycemic index, which prevents sudden sugar spikes.

  1. Can I use organic atta for baking cookies?

Yes, this wheat flour is the best ingredient for making cookies because it is healthy and tasty.

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