Organic Safed Chana (White Chickpeas)

Organic Safed Chana (White Chickpeas)
Certified organic

Chick peas could be your body's best friend! Not only are they incredibly yummy - but they are full of protein and fiber that help keep us full for a longer time and keep a healthy digestive system. Your waist line is going to appreciate this. They also come with a low GI, making it a great option for those looking to cut down their blood sugar level. Chickpeas are loved in India in the popular north-indian dish - Chola Bhatura and the middle eastern (but now global) fave - Hummus! Chickpeas can be baked, boiled, fried, turned into curries or mush. They are versatile, they are healthy - they are an ideal addition to your daily diet!

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Safed Chana Online At I SAY ORGANIC

Get your white chickpeas or safed chana at I Say Organic. These chickpeas or chana are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your overall health. By incorporating it into your diet, you will reap all the incredible benefits that will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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Kabuli chana can be gotten at an affordable rate at I Say Organic. By adding portions to your daily diet, you will improve your bone structure, lower your blood pressure, support your heart health, lower cholesterol levels, help with functions of the brain and nervous system, and more (1).


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Nutritional Properties Of Safed Chana

The nutritional value/properties of White Kabuli Chana are:


Value per 1 cup (164g)

Energy (calories)


Protein (g)


Fat (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Fiber (g)


Calcium (mg)


Iron (mg)


Magnesium (mg)


Phosphorus (mg)


Potassium (mg)


Zinc (mg)


Copper (mcg)


Selenium (mcg)


Vitamin C (mg)


Folate (mcg)


Choline (mg)


Beta carotene (mcg)


Vitamin E (mg)


Vitamin K (mcg)


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Tips For Incorporating White Kabuli Chana In Your Lifestyle

There are various ways you can incorporate white kabuli chana into your diet to reap the benefits. There are also countless recipes you can try out to enjoy in various ways.

  • You can make a simple chana salad which you can eat as a whole meal.
  • There are different types of masala that you can make with chana.
  • You can also roast your chickpeas and have them as a snack.


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Why You Should Buy From I Say Organic?

At I Say Organic, you will find a healthier alternative to all your cooking products. Get a wide variety of organic fruits here at affordable prices and have them delivered to your doorstep. We only offer the best cooking products that will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle by including them in your diet.


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Q. Is safed chana or white chickpeas the same?

A: Yes, they are. Safed chana is the commonly used Hindi name and white chickpeas is the English name.

Q. Is white chana good for health?

A: Yes, it is. White chole chana is very beneficial for your overall health as it can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve bone health, and much more.

Q. Can I eat white chickpeas daily?

A: You can eat chickpeas daily at least 28 grams but not more than 70 grams because too much can cause side effects like bloating, gas, and nausea.

Q. Do I need to soak chickpeas before cooking?

A: Yes, you should soak them overnight to reduce the time it takes for them to cook. However, there are certain instances and preparations that may not require you to soak them before cooking your kabuli white chana.


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