Organic Sesame Chikki (Til Chikki)

Organic Sesame Chikki (Til Chikki)
Certified organic
Organic Sesame Chikki (Til Chikki)
Certified organic
Organic Sesame Chikki (Til Chikki)
Certified organic
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Warm, nutty, and deliciously crunchy. Our Sesame Chikkis, also known as til chikkis, are made with premium quality Sesame Seeds and Gur. We use no artificial or refined ingredients - making these til ki chikki as pure and healthy as possible!

A naturally vegan, gluten-free power snack to get you through your day. Til ki patti (commonly known as til gud chikki) also makes for a great chai-time munch or post-dinner dessert.

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Ingredients & Shelf Life
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  • The product is made up of : Sesame seeds, Jaggery
  • Shelf Life: 3 Months

Customer Reviews

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Right combination of sesame seeds and gur. Not too sweet, just right.

Rupal Adhikari
Super delicious

My friend had sent these chikki online for me. And since then, this sesame chikki has become my go-to healthy snack. Amazingly nutty and crunchy.

Sesame Chikki - Healthy Snack for Winters

Sesame chikki is one of the most preferred winter snacks and people from all over the country enjoy having these. It is a traditional sweet snack that is full of nuts, jaggery and other super healthy ingredients. Til gud chikki is a very healthy snacking option for expecting mothers as it is full of necessary vitamins and antioxidants. 

Til ki chikki finds its origins in Maharashtra and over the years this sweet snack has found its way into the homes and hearts of people from all across the country. If you are looking for the best quality organic sesame chikki online, then we advise you to check out I say organic’s til chikki.  

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Nutrition value of Sesame Chikki

When you buy til Patti online from I say organic, you can rest assured about its good quality and top notch ingredients. 

We all must have seen jars of til chikki lying around in our homes during winters. The reason for this is : 

1. One piece of sesame chikki contains some amount of folic acid and Vitamin A. 

2. This sweet snack is an excellent source of protein and therefore it can play a crucial role in enhancing your body’s metabolic rate. 

3. Sesame, which is a primary ingredient in this snack, is a great source of lignans, which plays a crucial role in managing your body weight. 

4. When you buy organic til chikki online, you can even take care of fluid retention because this snack is very low on sodium.

5. Since til chikki has an impressive fibre content, it can help you in feeling full and satiated for a long period of time. 

When to eat til gud chikki ?

Til gud chikki can be consumed during any time of the day. You can consume it in the morning with a cup of tea. You can also have it as a mid meal snack in the afternoon or evening. Sesame chikki is a great accompaniment to coffee for serving to your guests. Furthermore, you can also have it as a dessert option for tingling your sweet tooth. 

Main ingredients of Sesame (Til) Chikki

Til gud chikki is made up of three primary ingredients :

1. Sesame seeds :

Dry roasted seeds are kept in a bowl and kept aside. 

2. Ghee :

Ghee is added to a pot and melted. 

3. Jaggery :

Jaggery is also melted and a solution is made in which all three ingredients are mixed together. 

Benefits of Sesame (Til) Chikki

A number of benefits can be attributed to the consumption of til ki chikki. 

1. Jaggery which is used for making this sweet snack  is a wonderful ingredient because it provides a number of health benefits. It can be helpful for managing digestive problems, managing anaemia, detoxifying the liver and enhancing your body’s energy levels. (1

2. Menstruating women or moms, should consume sesame chikki as it will help them in maintaining healthy haemoglobin levels. 

3. Ghee, which is another important ingredient of making sesame chikkis is a great source of good fats and it is rich in Vitamin A, K and E which can help you in getting glowing skin as well. 


Q1: Can you have til chikki everyday? 

Yes, you can have chikki sesame everyday because it is very healthy and delicious. You can have a piece or two as dessert or as a mid meal snack.

Q2: Is til chikki fattening? 

Til chikki is made up of ghee, sesame and jaggery. If you consume this in moderation, it will be super beneficial for your health but too much consumption can lead to unwarranted weight gain. 

Q3: Is it safe for consumption by children? 

Yes, sesame chikki is safe for consumption by children. Having said that, it is important to remember that moderate consumption is important as opposed to binge eating. 

Q4: Can I have it on an empty stomach? 

Yes, you can have it on an empty stomach or as an accompaniment to tea or coffee. You can also have it after meals. 

Q5: Is this snack suitable for all? 

Til ki chikki from I Say Organic is made up of natural ingredients and it is preservative free. Therefore, it is suitable for all. However, if you are allergic to sesame seeds or jaggery, you must avoid having it.


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