Elaichi Banana (Kela) /Yelakki Banana

Elaichi Banana (Kela) /Yelakki Banana
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We source elaichi bananas from our farmer friends in Wayanad, Kerala - an area best suited for their growth, naturally! Elaichi kelas are petite in size, averaging only three/four inches in length. These banana elaichi have a densely creamy texture and once ripe, their flavour is rich and sweet with vanilla and somewhat caramel undertonesElaichi bananas can also be used for desserts because of their unique sweetness. Banana Elaichi can be added to smoothies, puddings, cakes, muffins, breads, cookies, ice cream and tarts. Bananas are high in fibre and great for heart health. Elaichi kela helps in digestion and weight loss.

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Tasty Banana's

I love bananas, and while I was looking for some fresh yelakki bananas, placed an order here. And to my surprise, the package was delivered soon, and the bananas were way too yummy.

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Bought these banana online for my grandparents, highly reccomend. They send fresh bananas


My favourite pastime fruit. Tasty & healthy for everyday breakfast. It's however difficult to find offline near my place. So I have started ordering from I Say Organic. Don't think much buy elaichi banana online from this site. Really good service & fast delivery. Highly Recommended!

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One of the best purchases till now from I say organic. Highly recommended. If you are also looking to buy bananas online then must try this

Geetika Arora
tasty & healthy

I recently ordered bananas online from this site and found them to be very good in taste.

Yelakki Banana - A Rich Source of Health and Taste

All the banana lovers out there must be aware of these super delicious and healthy Yelakky Bananas hailing from Bangalore. Famous by the name of Elaichi banana, Chinia Banana, Dwarf Banana, etc in various parts of the world these are one of the most loved varieties of banana throughout the world, especially among banana enthusiasts. 

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They are considered a great superfood for babies, pregnant women, athletes and fitness freaks. Being rich in potassium, iron and vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin B6 they are considered for bone and heart health. It's a versatile fruit that can be used to make scrumptious desserts and can be eaten in raw form as well. If you are thinking of consuming this healthy elaichi kela, here is all you must know!

Benefits Of Eating Organic Elaichi/Yelakki Banana Fruit

  1. They are a good source of energy for babies. Babies are growing every day and their developing body needs a lot of nourishment and energy, elaichi banana is said to meet a baby’s 30% daily nutritional needs.
  2. An abundance of fibres, potassium and vitamin B6 is found in banana elaichi which all aid in boosting the energy levels in our body. 
  3. Elaichi kela is rich in folic acid, making it beneficial for pregnant women. The high iron content helps maintain haemoglobin levels, thus preventing ladies from getting anaemic. An adequate blood level is of utmost importance to the baby growing inside the womb and the mother.
  4. Due to less sugar content as compared to regular bananas, elaichi kela can be best consumed by fitness freaks or those who are trying to lose weight. 
  5. High blood pressure is directly related to increasing signs of cardiovascular issues. Being high in potassium content and low in sodium, regular consumption of elaichi kela benefits by allowing for smooth blood circulation throughout the body.

How Are Organic Elaichi/Yelakki Banana Fruit Cultivated? 

Yelakki bananas are grown throughout the year except for severe winters or the rainy season. They are grown in areas which receive maximum sunlight and moist soil. They need a lot of water throughout their growth period and good levels of humidity. A nitrogen-rich fertiliser ensures faster growth of elaichi kela and it is recommended to fertilise them on a regular basis with 15:5:30 fertilizers. These types of bananas are mostly grown in the southern part of India, especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Why Buy Organic Yelakki Kela Fruits & Products Online In Delhi-NCR From I Say Organic

I Say Organic brings you sustainably grown organic farm produce free from hazardous chemicals and fertilisers. We source our fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers and deliver them to your doorstep via a hassle-free delivery process. We provide an express delivery service within 3 hours in the Delhi-NCR region. Order the tastiest and most nutritious Yelakki Kela Online from us now!

Not just fruits and vegetables, but we help you build a healthy life with every snack or cereal you eat with our organic cooking essentials, snacks and condiments, dry fruits and seeds, beverages and whole foods.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Yelakki Banana (Kela)

What is Yelakki Banana?

Yelakki bananas are a variant of normal bananas. They are small in size, rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium. 

What is the difference between the Yelakki banana (kela) and the Elaichi banana?

Do not get confused with different names, they both are names for the same variety of bananas, just pronounced differently in different regions. Famous by the name Yelakki in Bangalore, whereas it is known as Chinia or elaichi banana in northern parts of India i.e. Bihar.

What does Yelakki Banana taste like?

Taste similar to regular bananas but are different in size compared to the common ones.

What are the nutritional benefits of the Yelakki/Elaichi Banana?

Yelakki or elaichi bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and iron which are both considered great for increasing the haemoglobin levels in our body.

How do I select and store Yelakki Bananas?

Check for the colour of Yellaki Kela, and make sure there are no bruises or dark spots on its outer peel. Do not store them in the fridge and keep them in an open dry area.

How can I use Yelakki Bananas in cooking?

Yelakki kela fruit can be very well used in making desserts, pudding, cakes, muffins, bread, cookies, smoothies, ice creams and tarts.

Where can I buy Yelakki Bananas (Kela) Online?

At I Say Organic you can find the best quality Yelakki Bananas online. They deliver you the best Yellaki Kela delivered to your doorstep.

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