The DIFY Boxes by The Switch Fix

The DIFY Boxes by The Switch Fix

While the world may feel uncertain right now, the pandemic has made one thing quite certain - there's a delicate balance between our health and our surroundings. The pandemic has pushed us to live healthier but our planet's deteriorated health makes that difficult. So, when we talk about saving our planet, we're actually talking about preserving ourselves. In this new normal, TSF is asking you to practice self-care that's planet-care too and to #DoItForYourself or simply, #DIFY. TSF has introduced a limited edition DIFY Bundle which is a great gifting option this Christmas, to self or to your loved ones. The bundle is curated to profess love for yourself or our loved ones through self-care that’s plant-based, non-toxic, plastic and cruelty-free. Spread love. But first, #DoItForYourself.


Switch Fix is a chemical free products and made using sustainable practices but is not certified organic

  • Available Across Delhi NCR

  • Express Delivery within 3 Hours

  • Hassle Free Return

  • Shipping Pan India

  • Chemical & Preservative Free

  • Direct From Farmers

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