Sesame Oil - Should You Use It Or Not?

Are you searching for a healthy oil alternative for cooking and dressing your food? Here are all the reasons why sesame oil is good for your health and why you should incorporate it into your diet.

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is a vegetable oil that is the earliest-known crop-based oil derived from sesame seeds. This edible oil is often used to saute vegetables and meats. It is also used as a dressing and marinade. There are a lot of advantages of sesame oil that make it beneficial and good for your overall. We’re going to take a closer look at the various reasons why sesame oil is good for cooking.

#ISOTip: Sesame Oil is high in calcium, copper, magnesium, and zinc.

Nutritional Value Of Sesame Oil

The nutritional value of 1 tablespoon (tbsp) sesame oil includes energy 124 kilocalories, protein 0 grams (g), carbohydrate 0 g, total fat 14 g, total saturated 1.99 g, total monounsaturated 5.56 g, total polyunsaturated 5.84 g, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.196 milligrams (mg), choline 0.028 mg, and vitamin K 1.9 micrograms.

#ISOTip: It helps with the growth of bone and improves the density of bone.

Why Should You Start Using Sesame Oil In Your Daily Routine?

Here are the benefits of incorporating sesame oil into your daily diet and for your food to be healthy.

  • Reduce bad cholesterol levels:

Sesame oil is good for you because it may lower the levels of cholesterol when used as an alternative oil for cooking and dressing. A study showed that those who consumed sesame oil daily had greater reductions in LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, compared with those who consumed olive oil (1).

  • Improve heart health:

Plaque buildup along arterial walls and impairs blood flow through the arteries. According to research sesame oil can help reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of atherosclerosis, and delay the onset of cardiovascular disease (2).

  • Reduce inflammation:

Chronic inflammation is harmful and can lead to various illnesses, hence it is critical that we limit it as much as possible. Sesame oil is good and can be used for cooking so you can reap its anti-inflammatory properties as it can treat toothaches, joint inflammation, and scrapes (3).

  • May regulate sugar levels:

Research showed that another amazing benefits of sesame oil is that it helps in regulating blood sugar, especially for people who are diabetic (4).

  • May reduce stress:

Oxidative stress is responsible for a lot of chronic diseases in the body like cancer, degenerative diseases, and heart diseases. Sesame oil has various advantages as it contains natural antioxidants like sesamin, vitamin E, and sesamolin that help to reduce oxidative stress.

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  • Improve skin quality:

Sesame oil is not only used for food, it can be used topically to treat various skin conditions as it is linked to higher levels of collagen which is a structural protein important for wound healing.

  • Nourish hair roots:

By including sesame oil in your diet, your hair quality and health may improve. There are certain compounds in sesame oil that are good for hair and will help increase the strength and shine of your hair as it contains vitamin E and sesamin (5).

#ISOTip: It helps to fight off any early signs of ageing.

Precautions You Should Take While Using Sesame Oil

Here are some precautions to follow before incorporating sesame oil into your diet and reap the sesame oil benefits for your face, hair, and skin.

  • Avoid it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or consult your doctor before using it.
  • Elderly people should consume it in moderation.
  • Kids can consume it under the supervision of an adult.


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Q. Is it healthy to use sesame oil in cooking daily?

A: Consume sesame oil in moderation as it is high in calories even though it can help regulate levels of blood pressure and blood sugar.

Q. Can I consume sesame oil directly or mix it with other oils?

A: You can mix sesame oil with soy sauce or other types of oil, but it can also be consumed as is.

Q. Is sesame oil heavy in comparison to other cooking oils?

A: Sesame oil is only slightly heavier oil than olive oil.

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