Top 7 Pre-Workout Foods To Fuel Your Body

Nowadays, when everyone takes working out at the gym very seriously, they often make the mistake of going to the gym with an empty stomach. It could be that they don’t want to eat or they believe that one should not eat before a workout. Well, it’s important to know that having a pre-workout meal is essential and has a lot of benefits. But it’s also important to eat the right pre-workout food, which will not only provide your body with essential nutrients but will also help you set a healthy daily routine. So to discover the best pre-workout foods to fuel your body and enhance your performance, keep reading this blog and discover amazing & nutritious pre-workout foods for a boost of energy when you need it. 

Top 7 Pre-Workout Foods To Spark Energy

If you are not sure what to eat before your workout, here is the list of 7 best pre-workout foods which will spark energy and increase your performance during a workout. 

1. Bananas


Bananas are a great option for a nutritious pre-workout breakfast. They are an amazing source of carbohydrates, potassium and natural sugars which help to increase blood sugar levels and boost your glycogen stores.

#ISayOrganicTip - Use an Organic Banana to prepare a banana shake. To make it even more healthy and nutritious, add some Chia Seeds to it.

2. Rice


Rice mixed with vegetables, legumes and tofu is a great pre-workout meal as it is a perfect source of complex carbohydrates and plant-based proteins which are necessary for muscle recovery.

#ISayOrganicTip - Prepare a delicious rice bowl using Organic Brown Basmati Rice mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil & Organic Vegetables as well as lemon, ginger, mint and coriander. This counts as a light and healthy breakfast option.

3. Whole - Fruit Smoothies


Fruit Smoothies are also a great pre-workout snack as they provide your body with fast-acting glucose which fuels the body. Whole-fruit smoothies can be an excellent choice for a pre-workout snack, as they provide a quick source of energy and nutrients that can help enhance your workout performance. 

These smoothies are easy to digest and can be consumed before a workout to give your body the necessary fuel to perform at its best. Organic Fruits like bananas, mangoes, berries, and apples are great choices for a pre-workout smoothie, as they are rich in simple sugars, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients that can provide instant energy for your workout. 

4. Quinoa


Quinoa is known to contain all the 9 essential amino acids. This makes it a great source of protein that helps your body remain energetic throughout your workout. Quinoa works as an ideal food to detoxify your body as it provides fibre and antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the body.

#ISayOrganicTip - You can prepare a Quinoa soup by cooking organic quinoa with your preferred vegetables and seasoning until the quinoa is cooked and flavours meld together.

5. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes are an amazing source of complex carbohydrates that provide slow-releasing energy that keeps your body fueled throughout the workout.

#ISayOrganicTip - Sprinkle some Himalayan Pink Salt on boiled Sweet Potatoes and savour them as a quick and easy snack.

6. Peanut Butter Sandwich


A sandwich with peanut butter is a perfect option for those on a calorie-restricted diet. Organic Peanut Butter not only provides you with high protein and other nutrients but also adds a crunch factor to your meal.

7. Dry Fruits


Dry Fruits are rich in natural sugars which provide our body with a quick energy boost, making them an excellent choice for pre-workout snacks. 

Benefits Of Consuming Pre-Workout Food

Some of the best benefits of consuming Pre-Workout Foods are as follows-

1. Helps Prevent Fatigue

When we work out, our muscles become exhausted and energy levels get depleted. So when we take pre-workout meals that are filled with the right ingredients, they help fuel our body and prevent fatigue. [1]

2. It Increases Performance

 If you go to the gym with no energy, it will not benefit you. Taking a proper pre-workout meal that is rich in carbohydrates and fibre will provide your body with everything it needs to maximise performance.

3. Prevent The Breakdown Of Glycogen Stores

When you supplement your body before a workout it helps to prevent the breakdown of glycogen stores, which provides you with energy during the workout. 


Whatever pre-workout food you choose to take, either bananas, dry fruits or peanut butter, you should always make sure that it is packed with a high nutritional value so that it can fuel your body with energy. All these foods are easy to find at your local grocery stores, but for premium quality products, it is suggested that you buy from trusted online sources like I Say Organic, which provides you with authentic, healthy and Organic products that you can trust. You can check out our website for more detailed information about the products we offer!

FAQs - 

1. What should I eat before a workout?

You should choose organic foods and organic fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrates and fibre, such as bananas, smoothies, toast with nut butter, or natural yoghurt. 

2. Can I eat 2 bananas as my pre-workout meal?

Yes, you can eat 2 bananas as a pre-workout meal but it is recommended that you eat them at least 30 minutes before you start your workout. Bananas help to increase your energy levels and keep the level of blood sugar stable.

3. Can I eat 10 minutes before a workout?

It is not suggested to eat 10 minutes before a workout because it might cause gastrointestinal issues. So always eat pre-workout meals around 30-60 minutes before.

4. What should I avoid eating before my workout?

Some foods that you should avoid eating before a workout are - processed or fried foods, spicy foods, or heavy meals.

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