7 Benefits Of Consuming Honey On A Daily Basis

Honey is a sweet product made by honey bees that may have several health benefits. A lot of us wonder whether “honey is good for health or not?” Well, consuming a spoon of honey on regular basis may help you treat various health issues. The numerous benefits of honey have made it a popular ingredient that has been in use since ancient times to treat health issues. This popular sweet substance has its own unique advantages that can be helpful for your body. The following article will further explain the nutritious value of honey and how honey benefits your body.  

Health benefits of honey

1. Supports your skin 

Other than your health there are various Beauty Benefits Of Honey For Skin And Hair. Are you tired of dry and dull skin? Simply apply a patch of honey to your face and enjoy the soothing feeling that it provides. You can get soft and moisturized skin by using honey on your skin. You can use honey to make scrubs, face masks or face packs that can act as a natural exfoliator for your skin. Raw honey benefits by moisturising your dry skin and aids in pore cleansing (2). Apart from improving your skin it also helps heal wounds and cuts because it has antibacterial properties. 

2. Improves your immunity system

Honey is also known as the powerhouse of antioxidants. Begin your day with honey and amla to build an immune system that is strong over the period of time (3). Honey benefits your body since not only does it improve your immune system it also allows your body to manage its weight and fight against infections (4). In order to reap the maximum benefits of honey amla, it is advised to consume it on empty stomach early in the morning before your body starts its activities. 

3. Supports having a good sleep

Have trouble sleeping at night? Try out the combination of milk and honey to overcome your sleep troubles. Serotonin is released by honey on its consumption into the body which is then converted into melatonin that aids in having a peaceful sleep (5). Milk and honey benefit your body by regulating your sleep schedule (6). Add a spoon of honey into warm milk and your remedy is ready! 

4. Aids in digestion 

One of the honey uses includes its role in helping people deal with digestive system issues (7). The pairing of ginger and honey has been prevalent in order to treat digestive problems. The benefits of ginger and honey allow your body to improve its digestion mechanism. Similarly, consuming garlic with honey benefits your heart and brain health (8). The benefits of cinnamon and honey are also in the same line.

5. Improves the health of your scalp

Honey’s natural antioxidant properties make it a key ingredient used in hair rinses and conditioners. Being rich in vitamins and minerals allows your scalp to feel healthier and get rid of itchiness and dryness (9). Use honey to make hair masks that will allow you to have more shiner and healthier hair. Your scalp tends to hold on to the moisture if honey is used on it. Hair follicles are also strengthened. You can apply a hair mask made of honey and other ingredients twice a week to see overall growth. 

6. Prevents the loosening of hair follicles

Honey is filled with protein elements. The protein in honey improves the growth of your hair by strengthening your hair follicles (10). The strengthening of hair follicles can avoid further damage and breakage of your hair. This will improve the overall growth of your hair. 

7. Weight loss:

One of the most popular methods of losing weight is consuming honey with warm water early in the morning. Warm water mixed with honey in the morning allows your body to burn fat even while you are not active (1). Honey water benefits your body by controlling your appetite and therefore ensuring that you do not overeat. Lemon honey water benefits your body to a great extent. Honey water increases your metabolism as well as allows you to treat issues like cough and cold.

Types of honey available with I Say Organic 

There are different types of honey available. Each has its own unique properties that separate its function from the others. At I Say Organic you can find three distinct types of honey that are completely organic and safe for your health. 

1. Eucalyptus Flower Wild Forest Honey: 

Eucalyptus flower is used to produce our honey which is sourced from the beautiful Palini hills, that are near Kerala. During the month of October and November the bees round around the Eucalyptus flower and collect nectar from it. Include it in your morning salads or toast to enjoy this sweet delicacy! 

2. Multi-Floral Wild Forest Honey

Filled with various key elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, and potassium the multi-floral honey is said to improve your immune system day by day. The following elements along with enzymes, simple sugars, anti-carcinogenic phytonutrients, pollen particulates, and anti-bacterial resins make it the perfect ingredient to be used in your dishes as a sweetener while ensuring your good health! 

3. Organic Raw Wild Forest Honey Multi Floral

Sourced all the way from Jim Corbett, Uttrakhand our organic wild forest honey is a natural sweetener that is not only the ideal way to make your food dishes a bit sweeter but also to allow your body to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. 


Q1: What is the best time to drink honey and lemon water?

Before you consume any food at the beginning of the day, you should drink honey and lemon water. However, if you are unable to do so you can consume it between different meals so it will help to improve the digestive system and food digestion. The benefits of honey in the morning are endless.

Q2: Is it healthy to have a spoon of honey daily?

Two teaspoons of honey a day can be beneficial for your health because it has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, and antioxidant effects. Therefore, it is healthy for your body to have one or two spoons of honey. 

Q3: Does honey expire?

If properly stored, honey does not get contaminated or turn bad. Avoid storing honey in metal or plastic containers since it can get oxidized and also don't heat it otherwise the flavour of honey will change. 

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