Being Mindful, This World Environment Day :)

Yesterday we celebrated World Environment Day – the talk on which was echoing everywhere. On the streets, in offices, in government buildings, in the UN, in schools – everywhere! But what we feel is most important, is the instinctive echo within self.

We are the environment and whatever we do mirrors around us. Every time you pull out an extra sheet of toilet paper or leave the AC on for longer than needed, it impacts the environment. Being eco-friendly is all about being aware, being mindful. That’s what we wish to implement within the organisation as well.
At I Say Organic we understand the many ways in which our functionalities can affect the environment and our endeavour is to do our best to help conserve nature. Over the years we have improved our ‘functioning’, be it to conserve energy, to reduce wastage, to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and yes even if we are not perfect right now, we are trying sincerely to be mindful.

Little things like ensuring only what’s needed is being used in the organisation, be it -
Water to wash utensils, electricity, tissue papers for various uses etc. We don’t encourage the use of paper or plastic cups and instead have a cute little pantry that allows people to have their own cutlery and feel at home :) Our water is sourced through the RO instead of a water dispenser, encouraging the team to use their own personal bottles.
Looking at the bigger picture, I Say Organic undertakes the following to do as much as we can to make this earth beautiful and pure.
Conserving Energy
To honour our commitment to the environment our entire warehouse is solar energy powered. We have 27 KW of installed capacity which generates 36 megawatts every year and helps power 50% of our electricity requirements.
This helps us in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment on an everyday basis!
Using Eco Friendly Packaging Materialchuk packaging 1
We have introduced compostable trays made of sugarcane fiber (manufactured by Chuk!), for some of our produce.
Our cotton tote bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags. We are in the process of minimising the use of plastic slowly and steadily wherever we can.
Our fresh produce is wrapped in brown paper that has natural inked print :)
Waste Management
We try to minimise our wastage, daily. We foresee extra produce coming in (in comparison to our demand) and use that to produce handmade, hygienic and delicious edibles like snacks, breads, condiments, beverages etc in our in house kitchen.
We also believe in, and like to give back to nature! Our fruits and vegetables that don’t get utilized in the kitchen are sent to nearby, local farms, to make natural, organic compost. Post cleaning the grains and pulses, the remnants (skins) are utilized as food by several cow sheds.
We wish to utilize our vans to the fullest to ensure we don’t do double trips and waste resources. Our delivery slots within the city ensures that we utilize time and fuel to its optimum capacity while trying to serve the best to the customer, in their desired time frame.
..and since we are speaking about eco-friendly initiatives, we thought we could write about this thing we do as well..
Organic Farming!
Oh yes. Going organic is the simplest way to be more environment friendly! The practice uses lesser water and natural resources and keeps the air, land and water bodies pollution free. What’s more, organic farming is essentially a closed loop system – you use and recycle the same resources every year. There is no wastage in organic farming. It also provides the healthiest, purest form of food – keeping you, a part of the environment, healthy as well :)
At I Say Organic, we are still striving to do a lot of things right when it comes to sustainability and the environment. There is a long road to go. However, we feel that doing little things on an everyday basis and remaining mindful of our own actions is a great step (taken everyday) towards a better environment.
This World Environment Day, we decided to adopt some air purifying plants within the office.
Have a look here!

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