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its good for the earth, good for the farmer and good for you!

The secret of organic is growing vegetables in nutrient-rich and balanced soil. Organic fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants from their roots to the tip, so you do not need to take other manufactured supplements. Since organic vegetables are free of chemicals, you do not have to throw away peels, where most of the nutrition is!

Eating organic is making a long-term investment in your familys health and the health of generations to come. Our children deserve food that is grown responsibly and with a concern for their health. Research indicates eating food, which contains fertilizer residues makes kids vulnerable to the risks of brain damage, childhood cancers, and developmental disorders.

Organic farming is a holistic process working with nature to grow the best possible fruits and vegetables. Organic farms promote biodiversity and healthy interactions between different elements of the ecosystem. Pests are kept away by planting flowers or other plants that repel insects, or by using natural pesticides like neem juice. They definitely dont flood rivers and streams with chemicals, endangering species and polluting drinking water.

We want to connect the dots, between farmers who want to grow organic and customers who want to eat organic. Organic farmers make their own seeds and fertilisers using ecological techniques, which allows them to have all the inputs right there on their field. By buying from us, you help us pay organic farmers a premium price and support their hard work.

We say organic because buying organic food should not be a luxury, it should be a convenience!

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