Straw Kit with Two Premium Straws by Geosmin

Straw Kit with Two Premium Straws by Geosmin

These bamboo drinking straws are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used for any beverage. The travel kit is great for keeping in your backpack or purse – so that you’ll always have reusable straws with you when they are needed. The hand-woven 100% cotton bag contains: 3 Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws,1 Non-Plastic Sisal Fiber Straw Cleaner, and 1 Travel Pouch made of Cotton. All of their straws are USDA Certified for being 100% Bio-based. Their Agave Fiber Drinking Straw Cleaner is an alternative to conventional straw cleaning brushes that are made with plastic/nylon. The beads on the drawstrings of the cotton bag are made of pure wood.

Geosmin is a chemical free product and made using sustainable practices but is not certified organic.

  • Available Across Delhi NCR

  • Express Delivery within 3 Hours

  • Hassle Free Return

  • Shipping Pan India

  • Chemical & Preservative Free

  • Direct From Farmers

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