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Are you tired of endless trips to the grocery store with your busy schedule? Want to save time, money and get the best quality products delivered to your doorstep. We’ve got the perfect solution – Our I Say Organic WalletRewards Program!


Simple & convenient along with lots of benefit and saving. I Say Organic Rewards Wallet is a dependable service for our customers.


To subscribe to the program you have 2 options either you deposit Rs, 10,000 for 2 months or Rs. 20,000 for 5 months. A representative from our team will call / text you (depending on what you prefer) to update you on what’s new. The orders will be delivered to you at your doorstep at a time convenient to you.saving. I Say Organic Rewards Wallet is a dependable service for our customers.

What are the incentives I get if I subscribe?

Subscribing to the program will make you eligible for our Leaf Loyalty Program and your delivery charges will be waived off completely. Additionally, if you deposit Rs. 10,000 we’ll give you goodies (read : bonus) worth Rs.11,000 and if you deposit Rs. 20,000 you’ll get goodies worth Rs.22,500.

How do I discontinue my subscription?

Once you've subscribed to the program you can discontinue it in the middle.  You can inform us that you want to cancel the subscription and we will do that for you. However your Wallet amount will need to be exhausted before or it will expire once the subscription ends.

What If I am travelling and I need to pause my subscription?

You don’t need to worry! All you need to do is inform our sales team and we will pause your subscription. It will resume once you inform us. We can pause the subscription for 20 days in total for both the programs. Your bonus is safe with us during this time!

Who will be the point of contact if I have some feedback or need assistance?

You can get in touch with Kailash from our team at +91 99580 85356 or email him at -  he will help you with all your queries and doubts. during this time!

How will the bonus get transferred to me?

Once you deposit the amount with us our team will automatically deposit the bonus in your I Say Organic Walletaccount.

Terms & Conditions

1. Program

  • a. By subscribing to the program, you agree that you accept these terms and conditions (the "Terms") and agree to the I Say Organic Team contacting you about the Program via email or WhatsApp notifications.
  • b. On a deposit of Rs.10,000 your total account balance will be Rs.11,000 and on a deposit of Rs.20,000 your total account balance will be Rs.22,500.The total wallet balance must be exhausted within a period of 2 months and 5 months, respectively. The extra creditbonus is subject to expiry. 1 credit point is worth Rs. 1.
  • c. The bonus amountextra credit is non-transferable.
  • d .For any given customer, the Program subscription will end upon the completion of subscription period i.e. 2 months on deposit of 10k and 5 months on deposit of 20k. The customer cannot make any purchases if there is any amount remaining in the Wallet once the subscription has expired unless they renew the subscription in the grace period. the Program via email or WhatsApp notifications.

2. Eligibility

  • a. You must be aged 18 or over to subscribe to the Program
  • b. You must be a resident of, and physically located in, India in order to subscribe to the Program.
  • c. I Say Organic reserves the right to deny your subscription to the Program

3. Delivery and expiration of bonus amount

  • a. You will receive a notification about bonus amount issued from us.
  • b. You will receive the once we have evaluated risks and checked for abuse. We I Say Organic reserves the right to cancel any Program subscription without notice if it determines you have engaged in any fraud or find you in violation of any terms and conditions.
  • c. The bonus amount is subject to expirationwill expire if the balance is not used up. credit balance is insufficiently utilized. If at the end of 2 months for an INR 10k deposit and at the end of 5 months for an INR 20k depositThere is a 20 day grace period incase there is no activity on the account after the end of the subscription term. The total amount in the account will expire.

4. Redemption of extra credit

  • a. You must register and place an order with I Say Organicus to redeem your extra creditbonus amount.
  • b. You must redeem your extra creditbonus amount in accordance with its terms and conditions, including (but not limited to) any end date by which your bonusextra credit must be redeemed.

5. Other important information

  • a. I Say OrganicWe can deny or cancel Program subscription or stop you from redeeming any extra creditbonus amount if it considers, in its reasonable opinion, that you are acting contrary to these Terms in any way
  • b. We reserves the right at any time to cancel, change or replace the Program (including the alteration of the Program) due to  any reason outside of its reasonable control