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At I Say Organic, we acknowledge that certification is important to build consumer confidence and the only way to establish trust amongst varied communities of consumers. Certification also helps organic farmers gain a fair price for their produce and facilitates the sale of organic products. However, certification can be tedious and expensive, which can be a deterrent for small farmers.

While we endorse certified producer groups and their products, we also get references for non-certified farmers through our network of experts and activists, who can vouch for their authenticity. 95% of our produce is certified and for non-certified produce (on a case by case basis) we follow a strict procedure of monitoring.

I Say Organic believes in establishing personal relationships with farmers and understanding their methods of organic farming and only after we are convinced about their methods we sell it as I Say Organic organic produce.

I Say Organic ‘seal of trust’ is an additional bond of trust, confirming the produce sourced from the I Say Organic network of farmers is guaranteed 100% safe and organic.

FAQs about Certification

As I Say Organic’s network of farmers expands, we are setting up an internal audit with our own standards and guidelines. The details will soon be available on the website.

If you would like to know more about certification or monitoring please feel free to send us your questions at info@isayorganic.com.

We also encourage people interested in organic farming and methods to visit our farms and meet the farmers. If you would like to arrange a visit, please send us an email at info@isayorganic.com with your details.

I Say Organic certificates
Currently, I Say Organic sources regularly from three farmer groups and two independent farmers. Our partners are certified by accredited agencies and their certifications are mentioned below. All I Say Organic produce can be identified under the I Say Organic Seal of Trust sourced under the I Say Organic network of farmers. Off an on, there are also other groups we source certain specialty items from. Certificates for those can be made available on request, or if the produce is non-certified it will be explicitly stated (but farmer info can be shared on request).

If you would like to know more about organic certification, or wish to see certificates of our farmers, please write to us at info@isayorganic.com.

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