Top 10 Reasons To Include Cold-Pressed Oil In Your Lifestyle

You have probably heard the terms cold-pressed oil, virgin oil or extra-virgin oils being mentioned while discussing healthy eating oils. Among other types, cold-pressed oils are regarded as the healthiest and purest kind of edible oils. The regular refined oils available in the market are extracted using chemical processes which can be harmful to our health, especially the heart. In this blog, we will discuss cold-pressed oil benefits and the main reasons to include them in your regular cooking.

What Is Cold-Pressed Oil?

Cold-pressed oils are extracted by crushing oil seeds at room temperature. They are the healthiest type of oil that we can use for daily consumption because they don't require additional heat or chemicals. They are also known for their strong and distinct aroma.

Top Reasons To Include Cold-Pressed Oil In Your Daily Routine

Cold-pressed oils not only serve additional health benefits but also meet nutritional needs. 

  • High In Vitamins

Cold-pressed oils contain Vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. (1) However, in the case of refined oils, high temperature is used to extract oil from the seeds which leads to the loss of essential nutrients like Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. Keeping this advantage of cold-pressed oil in mind, you should add it to your cooking.  

#ISayOrganicTip - Use virgin groundnut oil to add a nutty flavour to your dishes. It can be used for baking, frying or even sauteing. 

  • Rich In Antioxidants

Due to heat exposure in refined oils, the antioxidants present in oil are destroyed. But cold-pressed oils have healthy and natural antioxidants which are said to reduce cell damage in the human body. (2) Cold-pressed oil uses are immense. You can completely substitute them in place of refined oils for your daily meal preparation. 

  • Boosts Immunity

If you are thinking of making a shift to cold-pressed oils for cooking then trust us, you are making a very smart move in boosting the immune system of your family members. Being a rich source of oleic acid, they act as a great immunity booster like cold-pressed coconut oil obtained from the fresh kernel of the coconut. (3)  

  • Good Source Of Fatty Acids

Cold-pressed oils provide an excellent supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). PUFAs are critical for preserving the health of the heart, skin, brain, and other systems. Other kinds of oils do not contain them in appreciable amounts. (4)

#ISayOrganicTip - Consume cold-pressed oils like virgin coconut oil while making curries, homemade snacks, etc. It adds a flavour and aroma to your dish. 

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  • Maintains Level Of Good Cholesterol 

Cold-pressed oils are rich in phenols and vitamin E, which support the reduction of oxidative stress, shield the liver from oxidative damage, and lower blood cholesterol levels.

#ISayOrganicTip - You can roast dry fruits in virgin sesame oil and make your evening snacking routine a healthy one.

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Tips To Identify Original Cold-Pressed Oil 

cold pressed oil benefits

Some of the tips are given below to identify the original cold-pressed oil and resolve your doubts about which cold-pressed oil is good for your health

  • In comparison to refined oil, cold-pressed oil usually has a richer and more vibrant colour. For example, Cold pressed Sesame oil has a golden hue while its refined oil appears pale yellowish in colour.
  • Natural sediments present in cold-pressed oil may cause a bit of cloudiness. Conversely, refined oil is typically very clear.
  • Original cold-pressed oil smells naturally fresh and distinct from its source. The smell of refined oil is frequently unpleasant.

Summarised Thought

After understanding the reasons behind the wide acceptance of cold-pressed oil, you may switch your cooking oil from refined to cold-pressed oil. Visit the I Say Organic online platform to place your order of cold-pressed oil, whole foods, and other organic products


Which cold-pressed oil is good for health?

Cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, and others are good for health. They all are extracted using natural ways and are free from chemicals, thus making them safe for your health. 

Can I use cold-pressed oil for deep frying?

Cold pressed oils are safe for deep frying in India which involves a cooking range between 120-150 degrees Celsius.  

Can I use cold-pressed oil on my skin as well?

You can use cold-pressed oils for hair and skin due to their antioxidant properties.  Virgin coconut oil and mustard oil are considered best for their benefits on skin and hair.

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