Soup For Summers

Soups are one perfect mid-meal that helps make you healthy and increases the proteins and vitamins based on the set of ingredients added. It does not mean that the soup should be hot; chilled soups are perfect for chilling based on the summer vibes. Since summer soups include vegetables like carrot, beetroot, beans or any green leafy spinach varieties, they add much value to your health. Make sure to reduce the spiciness even if you are a spice lover, to make the summer soups healthy!

There are different raw vegan soups that are very simple to make with minimal clean-up, and they are also effortless to digest. You can also add your favourite herbs and spices to the mix according to your choice. And once you feel confident with the method, then start adding other water-rich veggies such as cucumber, celery etc. bringing more and more nutrients. Because in this kind of raw soup the enzymes are high and the vitamin level also is optimum. The high water level also ensures hydration which is essential during the scorching summer season.

Simple Soup Recipe

A simple soup recipe could be adding all the veggies based on your choices like carrot, beetroot, beans and cauliflower in a pressure cooker with the needed amount of salt and a glass of water. Pressure cook them for 3 to 4 whistles, and wait under the steam. Then grind them in a mixer jar with the water and strain them. If you want some spiciness, black pepper powder would be one perfect choice. If you feel the veggies are wasted, you can make them as a cutlet or patty for your burger with some rice and whole wheat flour

Soups are also easy to package up to take with you to work, share with a friend or take this high nutritional meal on an outing. 

A simple tip could be - If you want it to be slightly warm you can add warmed water, but make sure not to boil this soup!

Eating this soup once or twice or more a week is a great way of adding nutrients to the body and also giving your digestion a rest and even a mini clean up. This soup has many health benefits; you can chop and change the ingredients, too, depending on what’s available in your kitchen at the time and what is in season.

If you feel you don't have time and want to make a healthy version of soup for yourself or your family, look for soup mixes available online. There are thousands of varieties, with hundreds of flavours. But, when you purchase them make sure to check the ingredients list to know that no chemicals or harsh preservatives are added. Get the I Say Organic Mushroom Soup Mix, made of healthy and fresh mushrooms, with a blend of herbs. Boil them and strain them for consuming one of the best healthy versions of a soup.

Another Simple Homemade Healthy Soup:


Making Process:

In a pan, add ghee or oil of your choice. Then add the cloves and jeera seeds. Once they pop out, add onion and then add finely chopped tomatoes; Wait until they become soft and mushy. Once they become soft, add a glass of rice water and wait until they are boiling. Add smashed or crushed garlic to the mix, and salt according to your taste. Now it is ready to be served!

Try them and see how yummy it is while being healthy. Check out I Say Organic, which provides chemical-free organic food products online at your doorstep in a few clicks.

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