Our Store Turns 2!

When I started working for I Say Organic in 2013, never did I think that two years later I’ll be launching its first flagship store in Delhi. I always thought how fun it would be to have a store, with a healthy juice bar and some vegan snacks to complete the full circle of what we do here. But, somehow it never felt relevant with an e-commerce platform.
Fast forward to 2015, we launched our first store at Select City Walk along with a take away juice and snack bar. Having worked in fashion retail before, it was exciting to launch one of Delhi’s first all organic stores. It was a real test
for us to see what the market really thought of buying organic food and whether Delhi was ready for something like this.

In 2016 we made a strategic decision to move to a new location in South Point Mall and January 2019 marks two years of us running the store in Gurgaon.
When we first launched, we were only retailing I Say Organic branded products and soon after realized when a customer walks into a store, they are looking for all options available. A customer’s retail experience is not complete till they have seen every category and every product catering to their needs.
Interacting with customers through a store has really helped us strengthen our product range. It gave us a direct insight into what consumers of organic food are really looking for and why the ones on the fence, have not started buying yet.
In the last two years we moved from selling just I Say Organic branded products to a multi brand and multi category store. We realized to give a consumer a full experience we had to evolve into a space that offers not just organic food but a consumer’s full healthy living and wellness needs. We are so thankful to over 40+ brands that work very closely with us to help us complete the range. So thankful that my day is incomplete without the the delicious sea salt mason chocolate, dream body wash by Rustic Art, Kesari Hair Oil by Gulnare Skincare, Beeswax Wraps and cheeses from Darima Farms.
The biggest challenge of having an offline store is customer experience. Filling up shelves with products that are in demand is the easy bit. Things we all take for granted- staff training and visual merchandising is the key for complete store experience.
Lastly, thank you for believing in us and your continued support! We are what we are because of you and as we move into our 3rd year our focus for the next phase is to tighten our services, look and launch deliveries from the Gurgaon store - AND of course, we promise to keep filling up your kitchen with our yummy, fresh certified produce..
- Aakanksha

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