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Three Tips To Help You Choose Happiness – Avani Parekh with I Say Organic

March 20, 2018 at 2:28 PM  •  Posted in Expert Advice, More than cooking, Special Events by  •  0 Comments

Celebrating International Day of Happiness with Avani Parekh, Director of Empathy at SHEROES. We asked her to share a few words on “happiness” with us. Have a read, relate, smile & spread the love! 

Today on World Happiness Day I am sure all of us are thinking “Crap! I am still not happy – what’s the secret to a life full of happiness?” and then we sit down and wait for some intergallactic gyaan to fill our minds with the secret sauce of happiness.

Well my friends, I have been waiting for such gyaan to come for a long time and sadly, it’s never made it to my frequency (o20106261_10159022877950228_1946800383301663768_nr maybe I am on the wrong station).

Since I had been waiting for so long to be happy I decided to make a few changes in my life to see if I could hack my happiness quotient and stop waiting for it to happen to me. These are the things I tried:

1. Radical Gratitude

I say thank you for EVERYTHING – like literally everything. Thank you for my knees, thank you for my parakeets, thank you for the money I have to buy these pani puris, thank you that I still have hair on my head, thank you for this extra junk in my trunk ….

How did this help? All of a sudden I was in a position to appreciate more things and I saw MORE things to appreciate. The more grateful I was, the more grateful –worthy things happened to me. Cool, eh?

 2. Grow Where You Are Planted

I have goals for my life that are in process. I want to have a hot body. I want a high paying job. I want to be an author. Right now, I have none of those things. Once I decide to make the best of the situations that I was in and give it my all, no matter what I saw that things began to shift. I was performing better at work, my body responded better to dietary changed (more organic, please!), and I felt more at peace because I knew that no matter what, even if I wasn’t at my goals I was enjoying the ride.

3.I’m Okay, Even If I Am Not Ok

Happiness is not an absolute destination that you stay at forever. You may have moments of joy, interspersed with feelings coming from life happening around you all the time. Once I took the pressure off myself to be happy, I stopped judging the times I felt angry, upset, lethargic, or confused.  Allowing myself to feel those feeling freely was liberating, as then I realized that they are a natural part of me and I should let them be. Once I stopped resisting them and making myself bad for feeling anything other than happy – the other feeling passed more quickly and my gratitude practice could bring me back to a state of joy. Most recently when I was passed up for a consulting position I wanted I tried to brush off the feeling of disappointment – once I just let myself feel down – I was able to quickly process the sadness and get back to I’m ok-ville.

16650-Memoirs-Of-Me-Ek-Aur-Ek-Gyarah-I hope that these three tips from my life give you insight on how you can get to your own place of happiness a bit easier. On this day of celebration– let us all move towards happiness using these tools and find the happiness quotient that works for our lives. Happy World Happiness Day!


Avani Parekh

Director of Empathy, SHEROES


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