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Sesame Seed Oil Pulling

August 27, 2014 at 10:21 AM  •  Posted in Anna Steele, Expert Advice, Home Remedies by  •  1 Comment

“Try this technique first thing in the morning and notice what your body is doing in response to the process.”

 Oil Pulling as a Powerful tool for Detoxing

It is recommended that Oil Pulling be done at sunrise, first thing in the morning before Yoga.

If you want to try this at home please follow the instructions given below and watch your health improve.

Traditionally, sesame oil has been used for oil pulling but now people are also trying coconut and even sunflower oil. Considering we’re talking about removing toxins from the body, you really need to be using high quality Organic Sesame Oil, because if not the pesticides and other poison present in non-organic oil will be reintroduced into your body with the pulling technique.

Benefits of using Organic Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is high in antioxidants sesamol, sesamin and sesamolin. It also holds a high concentration of Vitamin E and Polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also stops the absorption of negative forms of cholesterol in the liver and is anti bacterial.

Let’s get started

When you wake up first thing, on an empty stomach, practicing this technique before eating any food will enhance and accelerate the healing aspect of this practice.

Take one tablespoon of Organic Sesame Oil in your mouth. Do not swallow. Allow the oil to move around the mouth. Suck it through the teeth, let it swish around vigorously (this mixes the oil with the saliva and activates the enzymes drawing toxins out of the blood). The oil will get thinner and whiter as the process continues. After roughly 15-20 minutes of doing this, spit the oil from the mouth and throw it where you can cover it with soil, as at this point it will be full of toxins. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

What are the benefits?

It has been recognised that many diseases and imbalances have been healed with this technique. Oral health such as bleeding gums and loose teeth can be cured by practicing Oil Pulling. Also, diseases such as hormonal imbalances, eczema, heart and kidney disease, arthritis, migraines, stomach ailments and bronchitis are some health issues that have been eased and removed with this Ayurvedic tool for well-being.

I do this 3 times a day as I love the feeling and feel the benefits profoundly. To begin with, try it first thing in the morning and keep going. Notice as you do it what your body is doing in response to the process. What sensations do you feel? Is there pain and release? Can you maintain a positive state of mind as you remove what you don’t need from your being?

I notice many sensations and aches within and blockages shifting, it sometimes helps to circle the shoulders to keep things ‘in motion’. Have a go, see what happens for you. I believe this ancient technique is good medicine for the whole being!

I Say Organic offers high-quality, cold-pressed Organic Sesame Seed Oil which is great for oil pulling.

I Say Organic. I Say Healthy. What Do You Say?

Anna Steele was born in the UK and came to live in India in 2010. She has lived on Raw food for 11 years now and involved with healing modalities for over 2 decades. She is qualified in various body therapies including Yoga teaching, Reflexology, Integrative body massage, Therapeutic Counselling, Astrological and Tarot readings. She also works with a raw chef in Goa providing an inspiring totally Raw Vegan chemical-free healthy menu for events in and around Goa called Raw Rainbows. She has also recently trained in Rebirthing, a breathing system that is so powerful it can heal the deepest held patterns that have formulated since birth.


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