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Holi 101 : Dos And Don’ts For A Safe Holi

March 9, 2017 at 12:42 PM  •  Posted in DIY Remedies, Special Events, Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

Herbal Holi Colours are here!!

Holi is days away, but the excitement in the air never ceases to calm down. Water balloons, traditional pichkari and bright Holi colors have made their way to your homes.

While Holi is fun, ridding our bodies of the dyes afterwards is significantly less fun, especially if these dyes are made from chemicals. To make clean up easy, we collected a few tips to share on how to protect your hair and skin from Holi colors.

On the Day

1  Stay hydrated. Drink water before, during, and after you play. Water keeps the chemicals from being absorbed into your skin.

2  Protect your skin by rubbing oil (like coconut or olive) or lotion into your skin. This will also prevent the absorption of harmful chemicals. Waterproof sunscreen is also a good option since you will be in the sun and chemicals can cause severe tanning. Oiling is a good way to protect your hair from absorbing colors and getting dried out as well. You Use whatever oil you like best with the exception of vegetable oil or cooking oil. We recommend coconut, almond, olive, or amla oil. Vaseline is also great barrier for your lips, nails, and skin behind your ears.

3  Use only Herbal Holi Colors. Using colors from other sources, often tends to destroy the upper layer of the skin leaving them dull and damaged. Using Herbal Colors protects the skin from these unwanted results.

4  Cover up. Wearing long sleeved shirts or waterproof leggings is another good barrier. Definitely avoid jeans. It would also be a good idea to cover hair with a bandana or a dupatta.

5  Paint your nails and use a good lip gloss or balm.

Post Holi

Here are a few natural home remedies to gently remove the colors from your skin. It’s best to wash off the colors when you are still wet, because when your skin starts to dry the color will cling to your pores.

1  Rinse your hair several times with just water. Then wash your hair with a very mild shampoo. Natural products like shikakai powder, amla powder, or reetha (soap nut) will clean your hair while preserving the moisture. After washing, rinse your hair with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water. This will restore shine and silkiness.

2  Our moms use a variety of remedies for the removal of color from our faces. One is to mix besan (gram flour) and milk into a paste and rub into your skin. Another is to just use heavy cream (malai) as a cleanser.

3  You can remove color from your skin with lemon wedges (again, rub gently!) or coconut oil. Use a mild herbal soap when bathing and be sure to moisturize right after showering.

From the Team of I Say Organic, have a wonderful, safe Holi!

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