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Your ultimate guide to post-festival Detox

March 19, 2015 at 12:31 PM  •  Posted in Food that heals, Home Remedies by  •  0 Comments

Navratri, or the nine days and nights of festival, is famous for being a time when a lot of Indians fast as a spiritual practice, to invoke the energy of the mother goddess. According to Ayurveda, short periods of fasting effectively remove toxins and gas from the body, help shed a little weight, clean the palate and improve mental clarity. Fasting also helps the body “desalt”, and balance the high amounts of salt that we end up eating on a daily basis.

After Navratri comes Diwali – a time of celebration and indulgence. Post Diwali, it’s time to get back to normal. But the tendency to over-eat and over indulge remains.

I Say Organic looked at the principles of fasting and figured out some tips and small changes by which you will feel better and eat better.

1)    Hydrate. Water, green tea, coconut water – these must be what you reach for first, especially when you’re detoxing or fasting. Fluids flush out all the toxins and leave your system humming nicely. Increase or double your intake, add mint, lemon or apple slices for a little flavour, experiment with cinnamon – but drink up!

2)    Go natural. Avoid packaged foods, sugar, refined flour and baked goods, unless made organically at home. Choose jaggery, unrefined foods like wholegrain atta, brown rice and fill up on fibre.

3)    Get more fruits and veggies; whether in breakfast or snacks, fruits will provide nutrients and vitamins with a sweet kick. Veggies leave you feeling fuller longer and green leafy veggies can be turned into smoothies and soups very easily.

4)    Eat more frequently; and eat smaller meals. You must eat something at least once every two hours.

5)    Toast or roast rather than fry. Look into baked chips made of spinach or brinjal as a snack or accompaniment to rice dishes. At best, use tiny amounts of organic desi ghee for cooking.

6)    Exercise. Take gentle walks, a short run, yoga or play a sport. Some form of physical activity is sure to get your body chugging and start its own detox process.

7)    Try a steam and sauna bath. Shut the windows of your bathroom and let the hot water run – let your system sweat, so that the toxins come out and your skin glows healthily.

8)    Do not skip meals or starve yourself. Ever.

Breakfast Options
•    Oats with yoghurt or wholegrain porridge sweetened with cinnamon
•    Nut milk
•    Fruit platter
•    Green smoothies

Lunch Options
•    Salads and yoghurt
•    Brown rice khichdi or brown rice stir fry
•    Wholegrain rotis and lightly cooked veggies

Dinner Options
•    Spinach soup and salad with protein
•    Brown rice khichdi or brown rice stir fry
•    Wholegrain rotis and lightly cooked veggies

Snacking Options
•    Steamed lentils
•    Smoothies
•    Green tea and fruit
•    Buttermilk
•    Tofu snacks
•    Nuts
•    Dry fruits

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