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Make Life Sweeter – By Cutting Out Sugar – Part 1

September 26, 2014 at 10:50 AM  •  Posted in Featured, Nutrition by  •  0 Comments

Amongst the many strains that we put on our body, one of the greatest may well be processed white sugar process.

Most fruits, veggies, nuts and dairy have some quantity of natural sugars. Unfortunately, daily packaged foods like cereals, snacks, desserts and even beverages contain more processed sugar than is good for us – and as adults, we find that we need these “fixes” of sugar in our coffee or as chocolate to keep us going.

The joy of converting to an organic lifestyle comes with many challenges – like finding a substitute for a staple like sugar. While we recommend that you start by using honey or jaggery for a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth, we also tried to find ways of removing dangerous, processed sugar from your diet.

On the outside – shopping and buying differently!

Look for and eliminate “Added Sugars”

Juices, cereals and other convenience foods often have huge amounts of added white sugar. While you might not notice how often you consume them or how they create and change your snacking habits, these foods cause you to become addicted, craving that sweet taste in the morning or at snack times. Look for products with the words “No Added Sugars” in the ingredients or opt for unsweetened products where possible.

Does sugar top the list of ingredients?

Ingredients are listed in order of their ratio in the product – if sugar is towards the top of the list, then steer away. And the more sugar-type names (usually chemical names ending in “-ose”) the more unhealthy the item. Even things that aren’t sweet like tomato sauce, condiments and salad dressings are packed with sugar.

Watch how much sugar you drink.

Colas, sodas, juices, energy drinks – all sugar-packed.  On an average, carbonated beverages contain around 8 teaspoons of sugar per bottle. The highest recommended amount is an average of 6 teaspoons per day. Opt for natural drinks like coconut water and cold-pressed juices without sugar.

Artificial sweeteners could be bad as sugar. 

Research has shown that artificial sweeteners create empty calories that the body feels compelled to fill. They don’t stop the craving or satisfy it. Just say no.

Learn the different names for sugar.

Corn syrup, corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, cane sugar, cane crystals, fruit juice concentrates, molasses, brown sugar – it’s not just plain old white anymore. Read the label and be aware!

Now that you’ve identified the sources of sugar, it’s time to find healthier ways to go sweet. Abandon processed sugar completely with our helpful tips and easy tricks and make the switch to healthy sweetnesss.

Next week – Making Life Sweeter Part 2. 

I Say Organic. What do you say?

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