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Curing diabetes: The vegan way

October 15, 2015 at 9:30 PM  •  Posted in Food that heals, Nutrition by  •  0 Comments

When Meenu was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she was determined to not take medication, but find alternative ways of healing herself. She did, within a month to boot!

Known for her attention to detail and her insistence on nutritious food for the whole family, Meenu has co-founded a travel business with her husband, while her children were very young. With drive and passion, she has always thrown herself into every endeavour, and when her doctor told her she had diabetes, she threw herself into the search for a cure with as much gusto.

“I began with a combination of plant-based foods, exercise and naturopathy. Within a week, however, my doctor advised me to start on insulin to give my pancreas some rest. I did that but with the full intention of getting off it,” says Meenu.

She went dairy-free, sugar-free and oil-free through the 21-day Reversal of Diabetes programme with Sharan, an organisation that promotes awareness about holistic health. “On the 21st day, my counts altered so dramatically that I was taken off insulin. I now view the diagnosis as a blessing in disguise because it challenged me to become accountable for my health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.” With this new, healthy diet, she also dropped 15 kilos.

Meenu is not alone in her success; many others in such programmes have beat diabetes by going vegan. Statistics say that up to 60% of those who went vegan and followed this kind of 21-day programme were off artificial insulin in just 12 weeks.

Here are some vegan ideas that can help you beat diabetes.

Say bye to dairy, oil and animal-based products

Not just junk food but all dairy, animal and oil products need to pack up and leave – or you need to evict them. Milk contains insulin growth factor or IGF that stimulates growth in calves, but can cause harmful side effects and even trigger Type 1 diabetes in humans. Milk also has harmful antibiotics, pesticides and hormones added during the process. Alternatives like soya or almond milk are now available, making it easier to make the switch.

Say hello to plants!

Let’s agree – this can be daunting for non-vegetarians. We’d suggest start by reducing your meat intake, including more green smoothies and salads in your daily diet or even meat substitutes like soya, till you pass go.

Say hello to alkaline foods

Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, alcohol – all cause acid in your system, that too acid high in protein and fat, and low in essential minerals. Alkaline or plant-based foods like green veggies, citrus fruits, seeds, green tea and legumes help the body recover balance itself.

Say hello to whole food

Wholegrains – this word is about to become super important for you. And processed foods are about to become a dirty word. We know that when food is processed, it loses most of its nutrients. Returning to unrefined, whole foods like brown rice, millets, whole wheat and fresh fruits and veggies is the best thing for your body.

Give it at least a month, 42 days is better!

While some people have seen changes within 2 – 3 days of their diet, Meenu and others saw changes after 3-4 weeks. Keeping an eye on your sugar levels and changing your medication is vital. It might seem undoable, but try to work towards sticking to the diet for 42 days – that’s how long any habit takes to get set in our minds and bodies.

Walk. Climb. Just move.

However small the beginning and workout, you need to move your body to get it to realise that it has to change. Start small and then work your way up. Treat exercise as the garnish to the diet change, rather than stressing yourself out by thinking of it the other way around.

Meenu now espouses veganism for everyone. Since switching, she hasn’t been unwell or suffered from headaches, joint pains or virus attacks.

You too could change your life and your diagnosis – by changing your diet, as per our steps above. Good luck!

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