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Rice / Chawal - Brown Basmati (Mirzapur, U.P)
  • Rice / Chawal - Brown Basmati (Mirzapur, U.P) Rice / Chawal - Brown Basmati (Mirzapur, U.P)

Rice / Chawal - Brown Basmati (Mirzapur, U.P)

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Product Details

Brown basmati is full of Vitamin B, thiamine, calcium, niacin, folate, selenium, manganese, iron, protein and fibre. Unrefined brown basmati rice with retained bran and germ has more protein, and fibre than white rice. Basmati rice is made up of complex carbohydrates that are digested easily and turned into energy quickly. Rice protein contains all eight essential amino acids and is a gluten-free grain. When it comes to the link between rice and blood sugar, portion size plays a far bigger role than the colour of the rice.

How to Store

Store opened pack in the refrigerator or in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. Without refrigeration, please consume within 3 weeks. Sealed packs expire in 3 months.

Benefits & Recipes

Good source of energy. Can improve blood circulation and improve weight loss in moderate quantities. Use with curries, sambhars, rasams, gravies, salads; as pulaos, biryanis and more.


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