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Spicy pickle!

By Amrita on 20/02/18

i have never considered adding pickle to my food because growing up the only impression i had of pickle was that it is either too oily, or too salty, or too spicy or all of these. which is why when my colleague offered the 'i say organic kerala pickle' to me at a lunch at her place, i was reluctant to try it. but when i heard that it is 100% organic and she assured me that it isn't salty or spicy, i tried a spoonful which was a first of many after that. the pickle is extremely delicious, doesn't show any trace of oil so not sure whether it has any, not salty or spicy and has a flavor which i would call just perfect. i would highly recommend anyone to taste it just once and wouldn't be surprised if they end up becoming patrons of this pickle.

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