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Bottle Gourd Round / Ghiya
  • Bottle Gourd Round / Ghiya Bottle Gourd Round / Ghiya

Bottle Gourd Round / Ghiya

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Ghiya is one of the most popular vegetables in Indian cooking. Rich in Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium and fibre, ghiya is better known in India as the vegetable with which instruments like the sitar, tanpura and the surbahar are made. In North India, the skin of ghiya is used to make chutney. Ghiya is primarily water (96 percent) and can be blended into a drink that improves digestion, sleep, or provide cooling refreshment and rehydration in the summer. Cooked ghiya is also rich in vitamins and minerals and is known to improve digestion.

How to Store

Refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to a week. Refrigerate chopped ghiya in an airtight glass container.

Benefits & Recipes

Use in curries, soups, raitas and salads.
Lowers cholesterol. Boosts immunity to colds and coughs. Helps in weight loss.

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