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We’re Turning Four!

0 Ashmeet Kapoor, CEO, I Say Organic, reflects on our journey
March 14, 2016 at 12:30 PM  •  Posted in From the CEO's Desk, teamspeak by  •  0 Comments

The fourth birthday is always a sort of weird one isn’t it? You’re not at the landmark fifth one but you’re past the terrible twos and threes.

In a way, we’re marking this fourth birthday with bated breath. We’ve had some major achievements in the past year, but as we turn four, we’ve got so much more planned!

More variety, more farmers, more produce

2015 was all about expansion. As you might have noticed, we’re offering a far wider range of fruits and vegetables from new farmers and areas than ever before. Our focus was on identifying, certifying and source a larger variety of products. Some stand-out examples are the apples and rajma from Kinnaur, renowned for their taste and freshness. We’re also looking to widen our farmer base to increase the availability of produce; we know some of you have faced issues with that. We’ve recently identified a large region in Uttarakhand that has been organic for years, almost by default, and we’re very excited about working with and helping the farmers there get their produce to you.


We’re at Select Citywalk!

We also expanded our presence with our first store in Select Citywalk this year, and what a thrill it’s been to see our organic produce and ideas be as appreciated in the brick-and-mortar space as it is online.

We’ve got a live cold-press juice counter, fresh sandwiches and salads and produce from all over India. The initial response has been so good and warm, with customers swearing that they’re coming back for seconds and thirds.

We are now expanding our product portfolio to include artisan breads, condiments like salad dressings and nut butters, as well as healthy snack options like cookies. We are also putting more focus on completing our range of packaged products like dal, atta, millets, oils and spices. All of these products are being put together with the same quality and authenticity standards that we maintain for fresh produce.

Overall, we’re very excited to be able to help you live a more organic lifestyle everyday, with even greater convenience than before. And convenience has been one of our watchwords from the very beginning. After all, I Say Organic was started with the conviction that helping consumers accessing organic food conveniently would prompt a larger shift to ecological agriculture and sustainable production. And convenience, as a concept, evolves with every year. For us, four years ago, convenience meant getting you access to fresh, pesticide-free veggies. Today, it’s about providing you with new tastes and culinary ideas that help you live a more flavourful, organic life.

I say organic

Changing the way we work

To that end, we’re also planning to introduce some innovations and changes in our delivery system. Delivery on demand, that is delivery within say two hours and delivery with more specific timelines or trackable deliveries are also concepts we are working on. These are actual suggestions by customers and our own evolving thoughts that we’re trying to see turned into reality.

We’re also burning the midnight oil on setting the website right. I know there were some ad major issues for the six months, and I apologise. The platform we were on was not working out, but the shift took time to sort out. We should be done by March end and I look forward to customers’ happy mails once again from April.

Looking for ambassadors

From the beginning, we’ve always believed in transparency and quality produce. We started by working for customers’ and farmers’ trust and then learnt what our stakeholders look for. The recent website snafus told us that we needed to identify business priorities better, and our customer outreach alerted us to growth opportunities in our delivery system.

The collective consciousness is turning to organic produce far more than ever before. The dangers of pesticides and chemicals cannot be overstated; yet there are still those who are on the fence. One of our ideas for the coming year is to collaborate with existing customers who value organic living as much as we do, who are concerned about their health, and the environment, and the health of others like farmers – and to make these customers our ambassadors for I Say Organic. Stay tuned for more on our program.

I’m convinced that we need to collectively work together to effect even more change, at a larger scale than before. The past four years have shown us that there is a need and desire on peoples’ part for this change, and I’m sure that this year will be pivotal in all our journeys.


Happy birthday to you, from I Say Organic

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