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Turning Two

September 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM  •  Posted in From the CEO's Desk, Special Events, Why say organic? by  •  1 Comment

I Say Organic recently turned two… time to celebrate, and to reflect!


Let me say thanks to all you organic foodies – customers, followers, and supporters – for all the encouragement since the day we started. Despite the highs and lows of a new venture, what always keeps us going, is knowing how much you guys believe in us. And how much our regular buyers depend on us for their most basic requirement. That, to me, is the most beautiful part of running this company.

We once had a customer complain about getting a wrong product in her order (as much as I hate to admit, we do make mistakes from time to time). She asked us to please not make such mistakes as she depended on us for her food and because of what we forgot to send her she didn’t know what to make her daughter for dinner that night. That made me happy and sad at the same time. I just narrated this story to Aakanksha, our new Marketing Manager, and she went “Awwwwww”.

Let’s go back one year. We had shared the following milestones we wanted to achieve this year.


We had to work with untimely rains last summer. For this reason we promptly added a farmer group in Kaithal to our suppliers. Given the uncertainty of the previous and upcoming elections, the state government temporarily stopped the funding that went towards organic certification. But our farmers persisted and were able to convince the concerned departments, so the supply of fresh produce continued.

In the middle of all this, the website development firm we were working with shut down. At that point, 90% of the work for our new website was done and shutting down resulted in doing all the work from scratch.

But the good news is, we were able to deliver all that we promised to you last year!

What’s next for us? I Say Organic was formed on the belief that only a consumer movement can lead us towards responsible consumption and sustainable production. This past year I realized what this means on a higher level. And it’s simple.

This is the only way we can hope to reduce inequality in the world and get to fulfillment and happiness for all.

When we as individuals start thinking beyond personal benefit and realize the impact of choices we make in our everyday lives, small choices, which speak of big change.

Everything we have done so far is essentially a pilot, making our customers and supporters the pioneers. Our role is essentially that of a facilitator – i.e. making it very easy for people to access these choices. Our anniversary this year marks the beginning of a phase of growth. This is where we have to meticulously structure all aspects of our model – the back-end, marketing, front-end – in a way that it can easily be replicated across the country.

This means focusing and gearing our efforts towards the following:

  • Increasing farmer partnerships for more robust supply
  • Enhancing the convenience of our service further
  • Building the right team

The more people that work towards this vision with us, the quicker we will get there. If this excites you, please write to us (, and let’s come together and think how we can achieve this.

One Comment

  1. Divya / September 7, 2015 at 4:27 PM / Reply

    This excites me, yes. And I shall write to you.
    And congratulations again and all the very best for d coming year. May your noble intentions bear fruit( and vegetables too in this case ;) heehee)
    Much love and best est of wishes,
    Divya :)

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