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The road ahead for I Say Organic

March 19, 2015 at 8:41 PM  •  Posted in teamspeak, Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

Essentially, albeit briefly, we are building a brand for authentic organic food products, especially fruits and vegetables. Most people in India are quite skeptical about the genuineness of organic products, and our primary objective is to do away with this perception for anything sold under our label. Apart from just fulfilling daily grocery requirements, empowering people with all the information they need to lead a healthier life is also a big part of our work.

2012papa-kehtey-273x300  What I see when I think of the company in three  years? This :

 -Present in 6 cities, serving 200,000 households
 -Working with 1,000 farmers
 -Partnered with 10 online and offline retail stores and managing   their organic fresh produce section
 -Countrywide presence of packaged non-perishable products
 -Bulk supplying to restaurants, hotels and other food businesses

We firmly believe that the shift towards ecological agriculture, as      well as an overall shift to sustainable and ethical production, will not begin at the top through policy, but at the bottom through consumer demand. All our efforts can be seen as dedicated to achieving just one thing – making it easy for people to make choices that will help build this demand; it’s the image of a happier and more equitable world that keeps us motivated! – Ashmeet Kapoor

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