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The Birthday Set-up

March 21, 2015 at 4:56 PM  •  Posted in From the CEO's Desk, teamspeak by  •  0 Comments

I can’t believe that we are just a day away from one of the biggest events we have ever put together since the company started.

I Say Organic has reached where it has today all because of the love and support of our customers and well wishers. From day one, we have always wanted to make them feel like a part of our family, simply because they truly are! ☺

After several months of debating and pondering over what we could possibly do, we decided that the best way to say thank you to our loyalists and supporters was to bring them together in one place at the same time, and celebrate! That’s how the idea of putting together an afternoon of good food, good nutrition and healthy living came about.

We didn’t just want to throw a party, we wanted to organize something where our customers get to interact with each other, share their views and at the same time benefit from the information that we put out there.

With Hungary being a country that supports and is very pro organic agriculture,  Tibor and Orsolya of the HCIC at once understood what I Say Organic stands for and were excited enough to come on board and support our cause along with hosting the event at the the Hungarian Cultural and Information Centre.

The venue is being set up in a way to be a visual demonstration of what I Say Organic stands for, the farmers from whom we source our food and the part of the country they hail from. We’ve also stuck with using only recyclable materials for the event and I cannot wait to share some photographs once we’re all set up!

To maximise the experience we’ve divided the Venue into 3 zones:

-Health and Sustainability Showcase

-Organic food/lunch area

-And the my favourite- masterclass area

We’ve got 3 super exciting sessions happening in association with experts in the field of fitness and nutrition:

1. A 30 minute Yoga session by Zubin Atre – A Demonstration of a form of yoga compromising of 5 structured series of asanas developed by Zubin Atre.

2.How to incorporate millets in your diet – Often, people wonder what can they do with flours like ragi or foxtail millet. This class is a solution for all those questions. We’re going to learn how to make dosa and pancakes out of these yummy traditional indian millets.

3. Oil free cooking - Ever wondered how to make salad dressing without using any oil or milk products? We have a super fun class on how to make Super Food Rainbow Salad with spicy peanut lime sauce, completely without oil!

The brands that we’ve decided to tie up with are those that share the same ideology as us and are a 100% committed to what they do. We wanted to acknowledge these companies and their work and so give them a platform to showcase their products to our customers; who have already made the shift to organic and would truly appreciate their work.

For the last three weeks, I haven’t done anything but breathe, eat, sleep and drink the planning of this event. I’ve had a superb team of designers, both graphic and venue; my stellar communications team who have made endless rsvp calls like someone’s life is at stake. The event planning started end January/Early feb and the one thing that I have learnt is that no matter how well organized you maybe, when planning an event, everything ONLY happens in the last 3 days!

So Come, eat, shop and learn! This is going to be one heck of a Sunday afternoon! If you miss out on this one (which you really shouldn’t), have no fear -we have SO much more planned for the upcoming year!



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