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September 16, 2014 at 5:26 AM  •  Posted in DIY Remedies, More than cooking, Products by  •  0 Comments

Drinking tea is the mainstay of everyone’s day. But did you know that you can do more than drink it? It could actually make your life super easy in other ways too! We’ve dug up some tips and tricks by which every single part of tea can be used – and not just at tea-time! Read on!

Polish your dark furniture.

Tea brew concoctions help furniture shine after a good rubbing with a dry cloth dripped in the tea. Shine on, you crazy tables and chairs.

Clean mirrors, windows and even toilets!

Tea banishes fingerprints from glass or stains in a toilet bowl. Simply rub mirrors and windows with a tea bag and let tea sit in the bottom of the bowl for a few hours and flush- hey presto! Life is a-sparkle!

Clean your hands.

Preparing fish or other odor-y foods? Rinse your hands with tea and sniff away.

Make carpets antispetic!

Kill dust mites with just a spray of diluted black tea on carpets. Of course, if your carpet is white, this is not a good idea!

Soothe burns, hurts and eyes.

You can do this with wet teabags. Place them over the burns or over your eyes or even on injection sites- and you’ll feel better very soon.

Get Fresh.

You can get instant fresh breath with a tea mouthwash made with tea brewed with some peppermint leaves and a little salt. Alternatively, just gargle with strong tea.

Toss your shiny mane after a tea rinse.

Black, brewed tea makes for a great conditioner for dark, dry hair. Rinse, leave to dry and rinse again. If you let the tea sit overnight, it could also work as a mild hair dye.

Pedicure yourself.

Soak your feet in strong tea brews for 20 minutes- your feet will feel and smell better instantly. Per day may be a relaxing and effective way to reduce foot odor.

Cook better with tea.

A black tea marinade tenderizes meat just in time for cooking.

Garden better!

Strong tea helps compost faster, fertilizes rosebushes and houseplants and keeps away bugs too! So pest control and growth enhancer in one!

Repel mosquitoes.

You can do this by burning tea leaves. Monsoons are here and our little blood-sucking friends will soon be making us miserable. Now you can smirk away with a cup of hot tea and burning tea leaves while they fly for cover.

All you need to do is stock up on Organic Tea immediately. And life will be good.

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