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Last year when I Say Organic turned 5, I spent quite some time thinking what the milestone meant for the company. I’d turned 30 not too long before and it kind of felt similar. In many ways feeling I’m no different than I was at 25, but in also knowing that I’m more comfortable with and accepting of how things...

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This month marked the 5th birthday of I Say Organic. We’re still young, as is the market for organic and wellness in India, but 5 also starts seeming old! I’m finding it hard to believe that it was 6 years back that I began a pilot on a small farm in eastern UP to test how a village would react to organic farming....

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All about sustainable farming

Posted in Uncategorized by  •  December 14, 2015

An Organic Farmer's Diary All about sustainable farming Harsh Lohit, an organic farmer talks about what sustainable farming means to him and small land holding farmers Sustainable farming is variously called organic, natural, biodynamic or permaculture; all of which are overlapping methods and systems to...

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Preparing for winters on a farm

Posted in Why say organic? by  •  December 14, 2015

Since time immemorial, human beings have always prepared for winter. Be it stockpiling pickles and preserves, eating different foods or procuring warm clothes. But with civilisation and technology, in cities, the seasons are more something we notice rather than preparing for. But on farms, winters prompt much...

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The Goodness of Organic Ghee

Posted in More than cooking, Nutrition by  •  September 16, 2014

More and more chefs and nutritionists across the world are talking about the wonders and benefits of cooking with ghee. Ghee has a much higher burning point than oil or butter, making it an especially versatile medium for cooking. You can use it as a spread, sauté with it, and deep fry food in it. Whatever you do,...

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