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Effects of Refined Sugar

March 1, 2016 at 2:16 PM  •  Posted in Anna Steele, Nutrition by  •  0 Comments

There are many reasons why refined processed white sugar is detrimental to your health and emotional well being and moods.

Let’s look into all aspects of why this common but dangerous food needs some understanding, so we can regain a good blood sugar level and not have to deal with crashes in moods and health.

Processed sugar is made with inorganic chemicals

The pancreas becomes over worked with this kind of sugar producing high amounts of insulin to cut down the spiked levels of sugar in the blood causing what is known as diabetes.

Processed sugar is not at all easily metabolized by the liver

It causes acidity in the blood and actually depletes minerals from the body and bones causing many diseases.

The reason many people eat so much sugar is because it is hidden in foods and beverages making people addicted to the sweetness of artificial sugar when really what the body actually needs is glucose and fructose contained in fruit.

Processed sugar is highly addictive and habit forming

Look at the junk food industry they know this and do not care that children’s health and well being is affected. These empty foods cause mood change and then when the child acts out they are seen as difficult.

When people crave sugar, usually the taste buds have been so conditioned and almost brainwashed to go for junk sugar.

This is because not enough healthy sugar from natural sources is being ingested in daily life, as it would have been when we as a race were closer to nature.

The sugar in fruits and vegetables is an important source of energy

It gets used up by every cell of the body and the brain too!

This sugar gets mixed with minerals fiber vitamins enzymes antioxidants and other compounds making it a whole food; unlike isolated junk sugar that works against the body and causes the spike in blood sugar making one feel temporarily elevated, at the cost of organ depletion and mood swings.

A depletion of vitamins and minerals affects the overall well being which means the emotions too. Junk food will make you feel rubbish. So if you’re already down due to lack of sunshine or any other life situation eating sugar will not help you find the way to self care and what you really need.

Sweet food is comforting, if you need more comfort than usual make sure it is healthy foods.

There is a really important factor when it comes to eliminating junk food from your life and that is asking yourself what is behind the need for comfort and being able to relate to emotions underneath the source of discomfort.

If you fill up on amazing fresh uplifting foods with healthy healing sugars you are much more likely to have the life energy to work through the experiences emotions are bringing to you.

Anna Steele was born in the UK and came to live in India in 2010. She has lived on Raw food for 11 years now and involved with healing modalities for over 2 decades. She is qualified in various body therapies including Yoga teaching, Reflexology, Integrative body massage, Therapeutic Counselling, Astrological and Tarot readings. She also works with a raw chef in Goa providing an inspiring totally Raw Vegan chemical-free healthy menu for events in and around Goa called Raw Rainbows. She has also recently trained in Rebirthing, a breathing system that is so powerful it can heal the deepest held patterns that have formulated since birth.



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