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Some Food For Thought

September 11, 2014 at 11:16 AM  •  Posted in Product Features, Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

There were lots and lots of great articles that came out this past week that are definitely worth checking out.

First the good news: we were featured in the New York Times India blog on e-commerce sites catering directly to Foodies! The article talks about how Delhi is definitely a great place to be for those who love to eat good food. Of course, we knew that all along.

And now the more serious things:

Ready for Holi? You might be less excited after knowing many of the paints are laden with chemicals like lead and even pieces of glass. These adulterated colors can cause temporary blindness and renal failure. Your best bet is to get natural colors made from herbal dyes (yes, you can get them from us).

Down to Earth connects pesticides to type 2 diabetes. People with higher concentrations of DDE, the main product of banned pesticide DDT, are four times more likely to suffer from diabetes compared to others. Definitely worth a read.

The former executive vice president of global corporate affairs for Kraft Foods (arguably THE name for processed foods) writes about the food industry’s contribution to diseases like obesity and how to hold these corporations responsible.

Speaking of processed foods, Grist does a wonderful piece on Melanie Warner’s new book Pandora’s Lunchbox. Processed foods are everywhere, and they are much scarier than originally thought. This will definitely make you think twice about Maggi, Kurkure and cheese slices. Read the bit on how vitamins are made and other loopholes in the way processed foods are made.

In case this expose on food isn’t bad enough, here is great article on why eating real oranges are MUCH BETTER than buying the carton of juice. A hint: it might not be real juice even if it says it is.

We do our best to support small farmers through our business, but more needs to be done to create systemic change for those who make up the backbone of our country. Farmers are gathered in Delhi to protest for the protection of their livelihoods. Critical issues brought to the forefront are land grabbing for non-agricultural use, continuing farmer suicides, serious drop in income and the use of genetically modified seeds.

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