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‘I now eat raw fruits and veggies without fear’

January 5, 2016 at 1:19 PM  •  Posted in Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

From a textile and fashion design background, Vibha Sachdev is a pleasure to speak with. Working full-time in the waste management sector as well as doing organic gardening workshops, Vibha is organic in food habits, thought and lifestyle.

Our chat with her was very interesting as we started out in reverse, discussing I Say Organic’s packaging, before we got to the food.

Could you tell us about yourself?

I partner with Daily Dump from Bangalore who offer services in composting and waste segregation. I work with creating techniques and textiles from discarded materials and fabrics. I have Celiac disease, an auto immune disease, so I’m gluten-intolerant and have to be very careful with my food choices.

What’s one of the biggest problems that we face?

Over packaging. We over package everything from shampoos and utility items to food in plastic and non-biodegradable materials and it’s a lot of waste. Supermarkets and shops offer polythene bags that are further clogging up landfills and the world. It takes very little application and effort to change things, and I think people are aware too…but somehow we’re not moving fast enough.

And what do you think of I Say Organic’s packaging?

I Say Organic is very responsible. You use only brown paper bags and lead free ink. I am able to compost your packaging in my bin and that’s amazing to me.

How long have you been with us?

It’s been about six months. I used to shop at farmers’ markets but it takes time to travel and I couldn’t always make it, especially in winters. I tried other sources, but was looking for a good option. With I Say Organic’s home delivery, it’s just easier.

Does I Say Organic produce taste different?

The taste and flavour of organic veggies is different from regular food. Carrots and potatoes are much more tender, sweeter and more flavourful. There’s more colour and are much more vibrant. Green leafy veggies like saag and methi and palak are all juicer and softer.

How has eating organic helped?

There’s a visible difference. With regular produce, I would get sick and feel dizzy or nauseated. When eating regular fruit, I would feel a burning sensation in my mouth and chest. This happened quite a few times. Since switching to organic food, I have fewer symptoms and am able to eat properly as I’ve become accustomed to non toxic food.

What’s been the biggest change in your diet because of organic food?

I live on my own and tend to eat more raw fruits and veggies. I’d stopped enjoying them before, but after I Say Organic, I can eat them without fear. I can also enjoy fruit with peels now…and grate lemon zest into salads. I could not eat peels before.

Would you recommend I Say Organic to other people?

I do already. I also purchase veggies from you for my parents. Your quality is trustworthy. I would like a larger range but I’m very happy with your authenticity. I also recommended you my friends who own a organic vegan restaurant.

Organic food costs a little more than regular food. Was that a factor?

Because I’m gluten-intolerant, no, it was not. Some people might be deterred and compromise on taste but organic food is better in all respects. And it’s not like all products are expensive; some cost lesser than regular food. If more people supported or went organic, it would be cheaper as more farmers would be doing it. That being said, I don’t think I Say Organic food is highly priced.

What were your stand-out experiences with us?

Your papayas, elaichi bananas and mangoes are very good. Your tomatoes are juicier and sweeter than the regular produce. I really enjoyed mango season this year.

What are the most compelling reasons to go organic?

The repercussions of environmental damage are all around us. We’ve hardly had any winter, Chennai is flooded and Delhi is over polluted. So many people have respiratory and immune disorders and lifestyle diseases. I’m a follower of Sadhguru who recommends that we eat 40 per cent raw food – and how will you do that with food that’s full of chemicals? Organic food is the only answer and a simple way through which we can stay healthy.


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