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Nature’s Antibiotics

March 1, 2016 at 1:07 PM  •  Posted in Anna Steele, Food that heals by  •  0 Comments

So what exactly is an Antibiotic? This is a substance that is used against bacterial infection, killing or inhibiting its growth, that would otherwise manifest as a virus or infection.

Another name used commonly is antimicrobial. There are many herbal remedies and foods that have antibiotic action which fight infections and support the immune system by making it more efficient and making it harder for diseases to enter the body and take hold. There are also foods and beverages that encourage beneficial bacteria.

Though allopathic antibiotics help us when we’re down and out, it’s common knowledge that allopathic antibiotic drugs have side effects and also build up microbial resistance. They can also be overused or misused if the wrong kind and dose is given by the doctor in a prescription.

Many say that drugs work quicker and are useful in cases where the infection has reached a dangerous level.

As far as it’s possible to avoid antibiotics which harm the system, this article will help you make the best use of herbal natural and dietary remedies, which have a deep effect on the body and are more in harmony with the healing process.

Knowing what herbs are needed and using those in an effective way along with great foods that heal

A strong immune system is the best defense against disease

Foods rich in Vitamin C are excellent for the immune system as it stimulates white blood cells supporting recovery from illness, whereas sugar on the other hand compromises the function of the immune system.

High Vitamin C foods include but are not limited to:-

Garlic – the wonder herb

Most people have heard of how the wonderful Garlic is great for infections and curing many diseases, and even famous for warding off evil spirits.

Garlic’s wonderful ability to fight infection is due to the content of allicin found in it. The allicin in garlic helps fight bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts and aids in the prevention of many serious diseases. In fact, garlic has long been used as an antibiotic, since before the time of gladiators, to combat infection. Garlic also breaks down mucus in the sinuses making it a great remedy for colds.

Allicin is the product of a chemical reaction that takes place when garlic is chopped or crushed. This is why it’s important to cut, chop or crush fresh garlic to obtain the desired medicinal effects. 

But be warned: nearly half of its potency degrades within the first 3 hours of release (at room temperature) and is almost completely lost after 24 hours. At higher temperatures (when cooking garlic), allicin will completely breakdown.

We can also look to the wisdom of Ayurveda and the herbs it prescribes for fighting infections.

  • Sukshma Triphala and Gandhak Rasayan are the ayurvedic preparations routinely used by ayurvedic practitioners to treat wound infections and infected skin conditions.
  • Kutaj is a herb which has got excellent anti-amoebic properties and is very effective in treating amoebic dysentery and diarrhea cases.
  • Babool, Turmeric Triphala are useful when its paste is applied over the infected gums and in cases of pyorrhea.
  • Chandraprabha,   Vangabhasma are effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

So if you need to help yourself and others recover safely and naturally, now you know how to make use of what nature has created for us!

Here is a recipe for you to try when you need an antibiotic juice.

Mix together serve in a glass…sip slowly.

Anna Steele was born in the UK and came to live in India in 2010. She has lived on Raw food for 11 years now and involved with healing modalities for over 2 decades. She is qualified in various body therapies including Yoga teaching, Reflexology, Integrative body massage, Therapeutic Counselling, Astrological and Tarot readings. She also works with a raw chef in Goa providing an inspiring totally Raw Vegan chemical-free healthy menu for events in and around Goa called Raw Rainbows. She has also recently trained in Rebirthing, a breathing system that is so powerful it can heal the deepest held patterns that have formulated since birth.


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