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Meet Your Farmers- Nimar, Madhya Pradesh

September 9, 2014 at 5:19 AM  •  Posted in Grains, Flours & Rice by  •  0 Comments

I Say Organic is proud to be associated with organic farmers in Madhya Pradesh and brings to Delhi their varieties of grains and lentils. They source and market organically certified produce with the objective of making quality food more accessible to a wider consumer base.

Working under a social enterprise working towards sustainable rural development in India. Their goal is to develop sustainable systems that integrate economic, social and environmental aspects. Their work is spread across areas of organic farming, community development as well as marketing and retail activities. The organisation works with farming communities because they feel agriculture is the most important economic activity in rural India; and by restoring the importance and recognition of agriculture as an occupation, they hope to strengthen rural economies so that they further develop infrastructure and basic amenities (health care, sanitation, education, waste management etc.) at the local level. They believe that developing self-sustained rural centers will help reduce the issues of unemployment, overpopulation and poverty that stems from the rural-urban migrations in developing countries like India.


The organic farmers part of this group, are agriculturists with small landholdings who work in partnership with the organisation making their ambitious vision of taking organic mainstream possible. It is an intricate system of inputs – the farmers invest their land, their indigenous knowledge of crops and climate and their days; while the core team gets their lands certified, crops insured, gives training regarding advanced organic farming methods and takes the responsibility of marketing and retailing their products. The farmers are stakeholders in the company and are entitled to an annual profit sharing. They currently number around 200 and are residents of 3 villages in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh.


Aiming to work with more and more farmers, the organisation’s work is geared towards promoting the concept of organic farming among small and medium-size farmers. The core team provides the necessary technical and field inputs for organic practices and also assists farmers in getting certified. To ensure that farmers always receive fair prices, they operate on a profit-sharing policy. They also provide consultation services and/or organic inputs to medium and large tea plantations for improving soil fertility, developing social welfare programs and exploring renewable energy options.Here, the belief is that organic need not be a nit-picky lifestyle choice if the product is reasonably priced, readily available and qualitatively better than its chemically grown alternatives. At the same time they are attempting to tide against the rapid homogenization of foods in the supermarket generation and focus on growing and selling indigenous varieties that can be traced back to the region or even village from where it is sourced.


Rather than making sources anonymous, this organisation brings to you the names of the villages they work on the packaging of their products. For example, many of their products come from Sultanpura and you’ll find the coordinates of the village along with a small description on the packaged product.

Sultanpura is an important adivasi ‘falia’ with a dam and recently built irrigation canals in Khargone district, Madhya Pradesh. It is inhabited by the Bhil community who have been organic farmers for centuries, growing indigenous crops using natural techniques. Working in close partnership with these farmers, we bring their produce straight from the farms.



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