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Best Foods For Blood Purification

May 13, 2016 at 2:52 PM  •  Posted in Anna Steele by  •  0 Comments

The bloodstream is our own inner river of life! Which like any other watery body can become clogged and polluted.

We can become informed of actions we can take and lifestyle choices we make to keep our blood strong clean and vital throughout our life.

We need also to recognize what contributes to causing symptoms of blood toxicity and bring ourselves back to an optimum level of well being.

Exercise is a very important tool for circulation and heart health. It also gives the lymphatic system a great boost. Increasing the heart rate helps the body regulate and pump blood through the body replenishing the oxygen in the cells.

Walking Yoga, stretching swimming is all great safe ways to de-stress and keep active in a way that will not be too much for the body to cope with. Rebounding on a trampoline works very well when it comes to helping the lymphatic system. This is due to the gravitational force experienced during this particular choice of exercise, which allows trapped blood protein to be removed so the lymph flow is better.

So actually cleansing your blood comes down to aiding your liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin to eliminate more toxins and avoid build-ups.

So what are the best foods to eat that can make a difference to our blood?

Garlic Raw garlic is loaded with sulfur, an essential mineral that helps the body to get rid of toxins. It stimulates your liver to produce detoxification enzymes to filter toxins out of your blood stream.

Apple  Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and detoxing phytonutrients. A compound found in apples stimulates bile production and helps the liver to get rid of toxins. Apples are high in soluble pectin fibers. Those fibers bind cholesterol and heavy metals to cleanse blood and intestines.

Beetroot: These purple veggies are packed with beneficial nutrients that protect you from free radicals they also stimulate liver detox helping to remove toxic material from the blood.

Parsley: This beautiful green herb helps the kidneys eliminate toxins from the blood through the urine

Carrots: High in many vitamins ( A,B6, C and K) whilst also being a great liver cleaner this veg is best eaten raw.

Leafy Greens: Such as Spinach, Cabbage, Broccoli and Kale are great antioxidants. They clear and clean the entire body.

Lemons: Bursting with antioxidants. These fruits activate the liver to eliminate toxins. They also alkalize the body and are loaded with Vit C which is needed to produce the liver detoxing protein glutathione.

Flaxseed: They contain healthy fat keeping blood sugar balanced. Also high in fiber which carries the waste materials from the body out of the body efficiently.

Turmeric: This power packed spice is a great healer for many things, externally and internally. It cleans the blood by speeding up the detox process. There are many benefits of Turmeric.

Avocado: Excellent for overall health. They lower cholesterol, blood pressure and detox the liver and help remove carcinogens.

Cilantro: Heavy metals enter the bloodstream via traffic pollution, and foods especially fish. This herb helps remove mercury and other heavy metals.

Detoxification happens when the blood is thinner than the lymph fluid

When you begin to eat in alignment with nature, cleaner, fresher and organic foods you give yourself superior nutrition and your bloodstream will flow more efficiently any undigested toxic material trapped in the lymph fluid will enter the bloodstream in order to be eliminated

Drinking plenty of water also enables a good clear out of toxins removed from the blood and the rest of the body. Getting good quality rest and sleep is also needed as this is when the body can repair itself.


Remember junk food actually clogs the bloodstream causing so many of the health issues we hear of that have become acceptable in our society.


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