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Mango Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

September 4, 2014 at 11:03 AM  •  Posted in Desserts, Recipes we love, Why say organic? by  •  0 Comments

This recipe takes a little time, so it’s perfect for a lazy weekend. But the rewards are oh -so-sweet !


Coconut Milk or coconuts


Sugar, maple syrup or jiggery powder


  • First, you can use coconut milk or make your own. Simply break open a fresh coconut, carefully collecting its water. Scrape out the white fleshy parts and blend with the water. Strain for a smooth texture.  
  • If you’d like to be extra healthy, you can soak chia seeds, flax seeds and any other seed you’d like, in this milk overnight.
  • Blend the mixture next morning. Add 1 mango per 1 coconut. Blend.
  • Add jaggery powder, or sugar, or maple syrup as per your taste requirements.
  • Now, time to freeze. This is slightly tedious and might take a while.
  • Fill a large bowl about halfway with ice. Stir in 3/4 cup rock salt. Nestle a smaller bowl in the ice, almost completely buried in the ice. Fill the smaller bowl halfway with at most 1 pint of the ice cream mix. Use the hand mixer to beat the mix for 10 minutes. You may find it helpful to half cover the bowl with a towel to help prevent spattering. The mix should get very cold to the touch, although it will probably not start transforming into actual ice cream.

(Note: If you don’t have a hand mixer, then you can use a whisk, but you will need to whisk for at least 15 minutes. Great upper arm workout!)


  • After you have aerated and chilled the mix for about 10 minutes, cover with a towel and place the entire set of nested bowls — large and small — in the freezer. Freeze for 75 minutes.
  • Remove and draw a spoon across the top of the ice cream mix. It’s probably the consistency of loose pudding, especially on top. Mix again with the hand mixer for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the small bowl from the large bowl, and cover the top with plastic wrap touching the surface of the ice cream.  Freeze again for 60 minutes.
  • Take out. Blend again. Freeze. Repeat one more time. The more you repeat this process, the more like ice cream the final result will be). After you have done the freeze/blend process 3-4 times, let it freeze completely for a couple of hours.
  • Ice cream’s ready!

Note: To make ice cream without a machine:



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