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The Daily Bread: Why It’s Important To Know What’s In Your Staples

0 The Unlisted Carcinogens In Your Typical Store Bread & Getting Trust Back into Your Food
July 13, 2017 at 4:03 PM  •  Posted in Uncategorized by  •  0 Comments

Non Whole Wheat And Store Bought Bread- Not A Friend, But A Foe For Your Body

Non-Whole Wheat breads, that is to say breads using refined flour, can be seen as a simple basic but there is actually a lot more happening inside that loaf.  While often tasteless compared to non-chemicalized bread, they are also full of sugar, maida and empty calories. The industrial processing involved in making mass store bread in huge numbers destroys essential nutrients like fibre and vitamins so that it is easier to make on scale. All the good and natural benefits of wheat- from feeling full, healthy and energized – are lost in the processing. This, in turn, makes your pancreas work extra hard to find the fuel needed for your body’s cells. You can then end up eating more just to feel satisfied.  That’s not all- store-bought bread is stuffed with preservatives so it can stay at your local store as long as possible, which is not how nature intended.

Ok, But Why Should I Be Worried Even More Here In India?

Well, for a lot of reasons. On top of the points above, in 2016, disturbing claims from Delhi-based CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) stated that many brands of packaged bread in India- also those flours used in burgers and pizzas- contained toxic carcinogen chemicals.

CSE states that tests on over 38 common brands in Delhi found potassium bromate or potassium iodate- both of which are known cancer-causing additives- in over 84% of the samples. CSE also found that only one brand even specified the use of the chemical on its label – which means that consumers are unknowingly consuming this carcinogen day after day.

Potassium bromate or iodate is used to treat flour during the bread making process, and has been banned in many countries around the world since 1999, thanks to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) This leads people to wonder- why India has not banned it?

While the government is looking into these claims via the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), one needs to only remember the entire Pepsi and Maggi noodles controversy that left the public shaken and worried. Brands and companies involved are protesting their innocence, while our collective consciences are a bit tired of being lied to and sacrificing our health for profit.

What Can You Do?

Switch to artisanal bread made by bakers you trust with flours that you know are chemical and carcinogen free. Our recent introduction of fresh 100% organic Whole Wheat Bread, made with certified organic wheat, free of pesticides or preservatives, is one solution among many, but in any case we encourage you to support organic growers and trusted bakers across Delhi and India.  This way you can enjoy your daily bread carefree; your body, let alone your pancreas, will thank you!

I Say Organic Bread

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