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From the CEO’s Desk: I Say Organic turns 3

March 19, 2015 at 11:08 AM  •  Posted in From the CEO's Desk by  •  0 Comments

We’re 3! And I Say, “third year’s a charm”. Of course, I also continue to say organic ;)

We were optimistic and enthusiastic from the day we started, but at that point like any new company, it stemmed mostly from youthful vigor, zeal and excitement. As we have “aged” and gotten deeper and deeper into execution and building the company, the positivity now comes from watching the overall landscape evolve, and the insights that we have gained throughout our journey.  This gives a big boost to our confidence in the potential and importance of what we’re doing, and more importantly gives us clarity on where we want to head and how we want to grow.

I Say Organic was started with the conviction that the shift to ecological agriculture and largely to sustainable production will only come through consumer demand. To make that happen, we assigned ourselves two major responsibilities:

Firstly, to ensure that accessing ecological, organic food is as convenient as possible for customers. Though convenience may seem like a trivial word, the more we think about it, the more we realize that its perception is actually quite transient. What was a novelty and a game changer 5 years ago is now ubiquitous, and 10 years ago is redundant and/or moving towards obsolescence. This is something we always keep in mind when thinking of ways to make our service better.

Secondly, we have to make people understand why it’s so important to change the way we farm and how we approach food and health – this is something that we will be focussing on a lot more. We would love to hear your ideas on how you think we can do this together. As an example, last year one of our customers got us to plan a session for her daughter and daughter’s friends on her birthday. This didn’t require much effort and was such a fantastic idea. We need to do such things regularly enough to make sure that the change we all want to see comes about quicker!

We feel fortunate that our customers communicate with us and share their likes and dislikes. The good, bad, the ugly – it’s all helpful for us to hear. We know you hate it when things go out of stock, when we’re not able to deliver a few products that you order; but thank you so much for understanding the reasons and continuing to support us. Having said that, this is an area in which we are currently focussing most of our efforts.

We’ve spent the last year scouting for farmers across the country, and are currently working on partnerships that will help us resolve the underlying issues quicker. Through this we hope to better guarantee that all the products you want will always be available. Other then that, we are working towards introducing more frequent and faster delivery slots, and making modifications to the order process to make the entire experience even smoother.

From all our upcoming initiatives, the most exciting for me personally is that we are scaling up our efforts to tell you about where your food comes from and who your farmers are. We’ve been thrilled to see the response to these stories, and especially now with our farmer base growing, there is all the more reason to do this more frequently. We also hope that soon enough you’ll be able to tell your friends in other cities that they’re about to get an organic sabziwallah in town. But more on that later!

Thanks again, and we look forward to saying organic with you for many more years to come!

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