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If Life Gives You Lemongrass….

September 16, 2014 at 5:39 AM  •  Posted in Featured, More than cooking by  •  0 Comments

We love the smell of lemongrass! Also called Hare Chai Ki Patti, this herb is most popular in Thai cooking. Traditionally used in teas and aromatherapy, lemongrass has amazing health benefits. While sipping on our lemongrass tea the other day, we wondered about its many uses and benefits.

Use it in Tea.

Your favourite beverage, tea, loves lemongrass as much as you do. Just add a bruised stalk with your regular tea or make a special tea with lemongrass as the star – whichever way you do it, it tastes and smells great while making you feel great. Lemongrass also gives a tart taste to cold tea – so get brewing!

Use it for bath therapy.

Used in soaps and cosmetics, lemongrass is a fantastic bath aid. Add just a few leaves into your warm bathwater or crush a few stalks and mix with your body wash liquid – and you will not just smell fantastic but feel it too.

Use it as medicine.

Fevers, colds, coughs, chest congestion – lemongrass works extremely well in alleviating respiratory conditions and sore throats. Its anti-pyretic properties reduces high fevers, so much so that it’s called ‘fevergrass’ in some cultures. Inhaling its vapor or the essential oil leads to perspiration and hey presto – fever gone!  Recent research also shows that lemongrass might have anti-carcinogenic properties – so load up.

Use it as a germ and bug repellent.

The citral in lemongrass is anti-microbial and anti-fungal – and its pheromonal qualities make it a great bug repellent in the form of citronella. In some countries, it’s even applied externally to wounds as it fights germs.

Use it for aromatherapy.

Citral, the main chemical component in lemongrass, is an aromatic compound also known as lemonal. Used in perfumes, citral also offers relief from migraines and muscle pains as it helps  relax muscles. It also has been proven useful in improving the body’s ability to heal and repair tissue after surgery or accidents. Just a whiff – and you’ll feel like life’s not so bad after all.

Use it for acne treatment.

With so much Vitamin A, lemongrass is great for skin problems like acne and pimples. It helps brighten skin and eyes and clears up oiliness. Infuse the leaves in hot water, let the water cool and apply as needed.

Use it in parties.

Lemongrass also goes well with your other favourite beverage – vodka! We were absolutely thrilled to realize that we could now drink healthy even at parties. You can flavour vodka with lemongrass – thereby gaining a whole new drink, a rep as a cool party host and great health too. Simply clean and bruise a lemongrass stalk, steep in a full bottle of vodka for 3-4 days, shaking the bottle occasionally and remove stalk before serving. Salut!

Tips on Storing Lemongrass

  • When storing, chop into small pieces for eating and larger pieces for flavouring; as these can be strained out of the dish.
  • Store lemongrass in a securely sealed plastic bag and it could last up to 3 weeks. Freeze it for up to 6 months!

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