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How to use: High Fibre Atta

September 4, 2014 at 10:03 AM  •  Posted in More than cooking, Products by  •  0 Comments

Organic High Fibre Atta makes delicious and tasty rotis and more, but takes a slightly different preparation. Learn more below

Product Name: Organic High Fibre Atta  

Composition: Contains 50% bran (grain cover) of kathiya wheat in whole wheat flour

Origin: Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh


- Super rich in dietary fibre

- High minerals

- Contains less gluten

- Regular consumption helps cure constipation and improves immune system

- Environmentally friendly as the crop requires less water

Shelf Life: 3 months in packets, must be stored in a dry and cool place

How is it different?

The texture of this flour is slightly coarse – but that proves that the flour is unrefined and thus purer and healthier with its natural nutritive value.


What can you make?

You can make snacks, rotis, fulkas, breads, biscuits and even parathas from this high fibre kathiya atta.  Basically, use it like normal atta.

What must you remember?

When making rotis/chappatis

-          The water ratio when kneading the dough should be 600-700 ml per kg of flour.

-          Always let the dough rest for 20-30 mins after kneading for soft rotis/fulkas

-          It’s best to eat high fibre atta rotis fresh


I Say Organic. I Say Delicious! What Do You Say? Tell us in the comments.

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