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Hormones and you

January 18, 2016 at 5:45 PM  •  Posted in Anna Steele, More than cooking by  •  0 Comments

I am someone who lives in a very right hemisphere brain way of life – preferring to paint, play music and listen to my feelings and body for queues. Having lived on raw food for nearly 13 years now, I find that I know exactly what I need if I really listen. However dietary needs are very complex and to sustain energy and well being, research on food science is also an important resource.

This two part series is all about how we can support our endocrine or glandular system throughout the body, where the major part of hormone production happens; i.e. the testes in men, ovaries in women, pancreas, adrenals thymus etc.

What are Hormones and what role do they play in our overall health?  

Very basically a hormone (from the Greek word hormon – impetus, to set in motion) is a molecule produced by glands, and are transported by the circulatory system, targeting organs to regulate physiology and behavior.

They tell our cells what to do; they are chemical messengers like neurotransmitters.

The role of hormones is deeply complex and because behavior effects hormones and hormones effect behavior, this is where science is still changing views and updating itself with new information all the time.

Hormones effect mood, sleep cycles, metabolism the reproductive cycle, sexual arousal, hunger and cravings…

For example, if one has a shocking life experience, the delicate balance of this hormonal system can be affected and one glandular point effects all others. In regular medicine, it is common practice to isolate and therefore not consider the bigger picture when looking at one’s health and the healing required.

For example if someone has a thyroid issue, looking at the chakra system we see that the throat is the point of the thyroid gland. How is the person communicating? Do they always hold back feelings and words, and can this be effecting the glandular functioning?

Our endocrine system is closely connected to emotions and this can easily be over looked and severely underestimated when treating an imbalance that is affecting hormonal health.

Hormone Health and toxins

We tend to hear a lot about hormones when a child goes through the transition of puberty. So we know sex hormones begin to flood the endocrine system. Due to how the world has changed this experience has been knocked off balance by toxicity in the environment, plastics and stress.

Xenoestrogens and xenohormones have been introduced into the environment by industrial, agricultural and chemical companies in the last several decades. Their potential ecological and human health impact is under study and is of great concern to endocrinologists (specialist that study the hormone’s and endocrine glands), environmentalist, scientists and doctors who see the hormone disruption caused by the confusion these chemicals cause when introduced into the biology of all living creatures.

Xenoestrogens  also affect a man’s body and can trigger reproductive cancers such as prostate cancer. The interference of the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding action or elimination of natural hormones in the body can change the homeostatis, reproduction, development and behavior.

This interference can come in the form of poor dietary choices, drugs plastics and environmental factors.

There are some helpful references in traditional and alternative healing practices and it is very interesting to note that in the 7 major chakra’s system, each of the glandular points correlates to a chakra.

If you notice the third eye (Indigo colored) chakra that governs spiritual experiences and inner vision and intuition, this is also where the pineal gland resides. Healthy chakras and meditation, breathing, color healing, Kriyas, Yoga and many healing modalities all encourage hormone health and balancing.

In the next post I look at how through diet and powerful food choices, looking after our emotional health and well being we can take charge of how things affect us. We can actually do this in the most natural way possible which is first through diet.

Anna Steele was born in the UK and came to live in India in 2010. She has lived on Raw food for 11 years now and involved with healing modalities for over 2 decades. She is qualified in various body therapies including Yoga teaching, Reflexology, Integrative body massage, Therapeutic Counselling, Astrological and Tarot readings. She also works with a raw chef in Goa providing an inspiring totally Raw Vegan chemical-free healthy menu for events in and around Goa called Raw Rainbows. She has also recently trained in Rebirthing, a breathing system that is so powerful it can heal the deepest held patterns that have formulated since birth.



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