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Let’s Go Bananas!

March 19, 2015 at 3:30 PM  •  Posted in More than cooking by  •  0 Comments

Bananas are utterly delicious, fun to eat and surprisingly healthy. Packed with nutrients, bananas are great for fuelling you through your work-out or daily routine and make for a convenient snack to carry along as well. Find out what makes bananas such an amazing fruit, and about all the benefits you may not have known about, from boosting your mood to soothing your stomach!

There are countless online articles devoted to asking what should we eat organically, and what’s OK to eat that’s not? When it comes to bananas, that’s a no brainer. Studies show organic foods are generally more nutritious and higher in antioxidants than conventional produce, and because whatever is put into the soil ends up in the fruit, eating organic is the only way to make sure there are no chemical pesticides and fertilizers in your food. At the same time, conventionally grown bananas are often ripened with carbide, a known carcinogen banned in many countries. Only with organic bananas from I Say Organic can you be sure that your fruits are ripened with all-natural processes, and not with an extra blast of synthetic chemicals.

Full of nutrients

Depending on the size, a single banana can pack around 90-130 calories – but these aren’t empty calories! They’re full of Vitamins A, C and B6, fibre, potassium, manganese, folate, riboflavin, iron and more. Bananas are also low in fat and naturally sodium-free, which means that they can safely be eaten by people with heart or cholesterol issues, as part of a healthy, low fat diet.


Get happy

Bananas are a happy food – they alleviate depression with tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin, the human happiness neuro-transmitter. And they help women deal with PMS, as they protect against cramps, reduce inflammation and stress.


Digestion made easy

Due to the high levels of pectin, bananas aid digestion. This yellow fruit also has prebiotic properties, helping the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel and producing digestive enzymes to better absorb nutrients. For example, a banana a day improves the absorption of calcium and leads to stronger bones.


Perfect for an active lifestyle

Carbs, easily digestible simple sugars and fibre mean that bananas are great as a pre or post work-out snack. Almost all of the I Say Organic Run-bassadors said that they loved bananas as a tasty, healthy snack that helps stable blood sugar levels. With almost a gram of protein, bananas also help in building muscle mass.


Safe enough for babies

With their mushy texture, this miracle fruit is great for infants, toddlers and the elderly too. The potassium in it stimulates muscles, nerves and brain cells, and also helps reduce the risk of stroke. Its Vitamin A levels also help your eyes stay healthy, without the risk of night blindness.


Bowel up…or down

Bananas also help in regular bowel movements – an essential part of a well-functioning digestive system. While adults also benefit, this is of importance for the very young and old, who might suffer from constipation or irregular bowels. They are also said to be helpful in soothing the digestive tract after diarrhoea, replenishing lost electrolytes.


How to store I Say Organic Bananas

Carefully remove the bananas from their packaging and store at room temperature. Bananas ripen faster in warm temperatures. You can choose to refrigerate to slow down ripening; the fruit remains okay but the peels turn black.

You can also choose to freeze bananas as fun popsicles for children or even for future use. Just sprinkle some lemon juice over the bananas before freezing to reduce browning.


How to ripen I Say Organic Bananas

I Say Organic’s bananas are grown free of chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, they are ripened without the use of artificial chemicals the way many bananas are. In fact, many conventonal bananas are ripened using carbide, a banned carcinogen. Instead, we use an all natural heat-ripening process, and as such, they might have a few spots or imperfect peels – this is proof they are 100% chemical free!

If you’d like to ripen your bananas further, simply place them in a closed brown paper bag, in a warm area, out of direct sunlight, for just a day or two. We do advise checking the bananas every few hours to gauge the level of ripeness.


That’s using the old banana! Extra tips!

-       Prevent banana from browning by using pineapple or lemon juice – the acids in either maintain the paleness of the fruit.

-       Use the inside of the banana peel on a bug bite or skin rash to relieve itching and irritation.

-       You can also use the inside of the peel to polish your leather shoes or bag!

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