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Food choices for hormone health

January 18, 2016 at 6:15 PM  •  Posted in Anna Steele, Food that heals by  •  0 Comments

Hormones affect mood, sleep cycles, metabolism the reproductive cycle, sexual arousal, hunger and cravings. Through diet and powerful food choices, looking after our emotional health and well being we can take charge of how things affect us. We can actually do this in the most natural way possible which is first through diet.

Liver and hormone methylation

Methylation is one of the body’s most important and common chemical processed. It is the addition of a methyl group, or CH3, to many chemical compounds to change their solubility.

For detoxification of the liver, methylation converts toxins of all kinds from insoluble, less soluble or fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds. This, in turn, allows the body to eliminate them more easily.

Trimethylglycine T.M.G is a methylator and Betaine which is in beetroot. It is a carbon with three hydrogen’s, its make up ensures that it can hold the bad estrogens and delete it from the body.

Quite simply, the methyl group in your diet needs to be enough so that you can start to detox the chemicals that are disrupting your hormonal system.

Vegetable juices carry the highest amount of the methyl group; if it’s fresh and raw it has higher amounts.

Bad estrogen removers also come in foods such as the humble button mushroom, so take this gift from nature add some lemon juice, olive oil and you are helping your liver to remove some of the clogged up residues.

Fiber is a well know must for good health because natural fibers sweep the body of toxins helping everything to move. The best fiber comes again from fresh foods in the form of vegetables. It is important when ridding the body of toxins that they do get fully out and this is where fiber comes in to help us carrying toxic materials out of the body.

Cruciferous vegetables and flax seedThis entire group of vegetables work in a special way with hormones to balance and decongest unwanted materials that impede hormone balance. Broccoli has a chemical compound that draws out bad estrogens, as are flax seeds which also delete heavy metals found in so many things these days including fish and car fumes!

There is a concern with cruciferous veg that if one has thyroid issues they can slow down the thyroid, this can however be counteracted by fermenting the vegetables it will not affect the thyroid.

Vegetables from the cruciferous are typically but not limited to cabbages, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, sprouts and pok choi.

Hormones need to be held in the body, this is where Olive oil shines because Oleuropien is found in the entire plant of the olive, and its chemistry allows you to hold your healthy hormones longer in the body.


Hormone helpers and buildersWe need through our diet to take in building blocks that our body can convert over into hormone materials.

There are many hormone precursors found in the amazing Coconut. Also on the list of precursors is fennel and raw chocolate.

There are also plenty of herbal helpers to be considered that support the hormone process in differing ways. The herbs that work on the hormone functioning the most are Tulsi, Kapikachu, Shatavari and Ashwaganda, including these in the diet can have amazing effects.

I add to my morning Almond milk just half a teaspoon of a chosen herb and it feels great!

Essential oils and PMT

Over the years of discovering the power of natural remedies I wanted something for myself to ease the hormone changes that occur before during and after the monthly menstrual cycle. I never use painkillers ever so I needed something for the intense cramps I would always feel the day before bleeding occurred. I learned that chamomile is a painkiller and allows any tense emotions to release. Also Marjoram and lavender have the perfect chemical compound to ease this time of month. I now have a bottle of my own P.M.T blend 10 drops of each oil in a veg oil carrier that I massage onto my stomach and every time it works and I feel totally nurtured at the same time.

Eating fresh foods is also essential for hormone health so, if we have PMT and turn to comfort foods high in sugars and hydrogenated fats we never experience the gift that this time of the month offers us as women, which is a heightened sense of intuition, power, creativity and knowing.

Yours in health!


Anna Steele was born in the UK and came to live in India in 2010. She has lived on Raw food for 11 years now and involved with healing modalities for over 2 decades. She is qualified in various body therapies including Yoga teaching, Reflexology, Integrative body massage, Therapeutic Counselling, Astrological and Tarot readings. She also works with a raw chef in Goa providing an inspiring totally Raw Vegan chemical-free healthy menu for events in and around Goa called Raw Rainbows. She has also recently trained in Rebirthing, a breathing system that is so powerful it can heal the deepest held patterns that have formulated since birth.








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