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Meet your Farmers – Rajesh, Haryana

March 19, 2015 at 3:50 PM  •  Posted in Fruits & Veggies, Know Your Farmers by  •  3 Comments

When Rajesh Khedi began farming organically, he didn’t have a name for it. He just knew that he needed to try something different if he was going to support his family. Rajesh inherited his farm from his elder brother in 1995 and adopted the same techniques as everyone else, using chemical pesticides and fertilizers to harvest primarily wheat and rice. Money was always an issue, but every year the amount of fertilizer went up while his crop yields stayed the same. He realized that if he kept going this way, he could no longer afford to be a farmer.


Everyone Rajesh knew used chemical fertilizers, but Rajesh remembered how his father and grandfather had been able to grow healthy, plentiful crops without chemicals. He decided he would try the same. It was not easy going at first, and his neighbors mocked him for his old methods. But Rajesh’s wife was extremely supportive, encouraging him to follow his instincts and helping to harvest the wheat and rice while working a farm stand for their fruits and vegetables. Soon, Rajesh began to notice changes. He’d grown ghia for years, but with synthetic fertilizers the quality had always been poor; the ghia was large, but often hollow on the inside, and without much taste. Organic ghia grew more slowly, but the fruits were healthier and tastier than before.


Relying on traditional knowledge, Rajesh discovered some successful methods through luck. During his first son’s baby shower, he left out jaggery for his cows. When it fermented, rather than throw it away as everyone told him to do, he put it on his fields and discovered it produced healthier plants. He now uses a variety of fermented products as part of the fertilizers on his fields. As his crops thrived, other farmers took notice, but it was not until 2007 that Rajesh’s friend Surinder, who was working with I Say Organic, pointed out that what Rajesh was doing was farming organically. This encouraged Rajesh to reach out agronomists and scientists, who helped him refine and improve his techniques. In 2011, Rajesh’s farm was certified fully organic.

When Rajesh started farming, he was unsure if he could support his family. He urged his brother-in-law in Germany to help him find work there. However, when the call from his brother-in-law finally came, in 2010, Rajesh turned him down outright. The switch to organic farming helped Rajesh to make a living selling his crops in Haryana and in Delhi, to open his own sweet shop, and to earn the respect of his fellow farmers, who now seek his advice on organic techniques.


Rajesh preaches patience to new farmers, telling them that although organic farming does not produce the immediately huge yields that come from chemicals, the end results–healthy soil, higher quality crops, and healthier people, are more than worthwhile. Most importantly, farming organically means preserving this life for the next generation. When he began farming, Rajesh was not sure whether his children would be able to follow in his footsteps. Today, he says he hopes his children will be able to take up organic farming like he has, and continue to work the land for years to come.
More information about Rajesh:

Rajesh Khedi

Located: Kaithal, Haryana

Supplies: Vegetables

Farming Since: 1995

Organic Since: 2002

Certified: 2011 (HAFED)



  1. pankaj kaushal / September 7, 2015 at 4:36 PM / Reply

    Rajesh ji iam very thankful to you and the team at ISayOrganic to bring this positive change, hope you inspire other fellow farmers in doing organic farming and simply keeping it honest.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Abha Jain / September 7, 2015 at 4:37 PM / Reply

    Its great to read such stories .. Thanks for sharing. Please add link to share on Facebook too. (currently it only allows Like – not share)

  3. Dr. Anurag Jain / September 7, 2015 at 5:00 PM / Reply

    I am a regular buyer from I Say Organic and have an account in name of Reetika Jain. I want to draw your attention to recent news item in which a study has found pesticides in samples of so called organic vegetables sold in Delhi and astonishing fact was that percentage of positive samples was more than non-organic vegetables. The link to the news item is as follows – and Study says 33% of organic food contain pesticides

    The above study sourced their samples from one organic store in Delhi (The Altitude Store, Lodhi Road). The retailer said that he sourced organic vegeis from Organically certified farmer at Sonipat. The above news raises a grave concern that how to monitor quality of organic products.Since your chain also sources vegetables and fruits from certified farmers, it is highly possible that the farmer from which you are sourcing might be selling normal products as organic to make more profit.

    The only way to monitor the quality of organic products is to test the residual pesticide level in them. So you should randomly check the samples yourself or through IARI labs for residual pesticide content. The results of such tests should be regualrly posted on your website. Other than this there is no foolproof way of being sure that products are truly organic.

    With regards

    Dr. Anurag Jain
    Safdarjang Hospital

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